Breaking and Entering: Salvaging Polish History one Vintage Piece at a Time


Leo Zinder photo of PLAV building in Greenpoint

Decades and sometimes centuries of building contents are indiscriminately sledge hammered into a dusty pulp and earmarked for the landfill, though not if Leo Zinder of Grand Wythe, can help it…

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“Zone B” by Susan Hamburger @ Auxiliary Projects

Detail of “Zone B” by Susan Hamburger.

Beyond the lovely depictions of animals and birds (endangered species) we get the traditional landscapes and portraits, but politicized: factories polluting, and palm trees being windswept by hurricanes, and portraits of David Koch and scientists who deny global warming theories. Think Metropolitan Museum of Art period room meets Greenpeace.

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Brooklyn Film Festival Review: “Eadweard”

eadweard muybridge documentary

There are a couple more days left of the Brooklyn Film Festival. A review has been dispatched to us by Main Tim who attended the screening of “Eadweard,” a film portraying the complex life of Edward Muybridge who is best known for his pioneering work in photographic motion. The film was screened at The Wythe Hotel. (“Eadweard” is based on a recent stage play of the same name. Canadian director Kyle Rideout’s “Eadweard” faithfully follows the biographic template of Muybridge as covered previously by Phillip Glass’s opera “The Photographer.”)

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