Phil On Fire: More Fire House Closings


By Phil DePaolo  Spring is in the air. So are FDNY Engine closings. Mayor Bloomberg announced the closing of 16 more Engine companies on Friday, May 1st in his budget proposal. This includes full closure of Engine 271, which is a little over two miles from Engine 209, closed by Mayor Bloomberg in 2003. Engine more…

The Afternoon Photo + Links


Photo: Bryan Derballa Williamsburg man hit by truck wins $3 million suit against the city. [Yeshiva World] Pulque in Williamsburg! [Serious Eats NY] Two top date spots in Williamsburg [Black Book]

The Morning Photo + Links


Photo: Guy Eppel A smaller Starbucks explosion in Greenpoint [G'point Gazette] The NYT’s City Room blog checks in at a W’burg bike shop [City Room] First raw food restaurant in Williamsburg opens [link]

Post-Memorial Day Morning Links + Photo


Photo: Fancy Lad A wonderful annotated take-down of the press release for 44 Berry. [Brooklyn11211]   Zagat says Fette Sau is Number 1 in New York barbecue. [NY1]  At least one Yeshiva in Williamsburg has temporarily closed on account of swine flu — more on the way? [VIN News]  Gizmodo buys an original ’84 Mac more…

Grandma Rose’s Barely Ever Closes


When I saw the pizza ovens in the window and the sign saying “Grandma Rose’s,” I let out a yelp of joy.  We’re going to have to rename Graham Avenue Pizzeria Row. John Ricco, the man bringing us Rose’s, hopes to open in about three weeks.  And he plans to stay open late.  Rose’s won’t close more…

The Morning Photo + Links

phtoo by fancy lad

Assemblyman Joe Lentol happy with G extensions, wants more. [Room 8] Finance firm sueing Pencil Factory developer over $6.8 million loan. [Curbed] Greenpointer robbed, mugged and abducted by masked duo. [Brooklyn Paper]