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Photo © Geralyn Shukwit City’s Schools Share Space, and Bitterness, With Charters  [NYPost] Community Board Blocks Chasidic Developers Project Rose Plaza  [Vosizneias] New Bike Lane for Williamsburg Street  [Brownstoner] Sonic Youth: Old Rockers Harnessing the Old Power  [NYT]

Pulaski Bridge Walkway Clears on Thanksgiving

Photo: New York Shitty

Like my roommates—one gone to Chicago and the other New Jersey—I too am traveling to family for Thanksgiving, so I planned ahead to get a workout in, early. I set out at 9am, and found Nassau St, Greenpoint Ave, and the bridge completely deserted.

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Photo © Geralyn Shukwit Community Board Rejects “Rose Plaza” Waterfront Towers  [BrooklynPaper] Kane & Couture Hosts the Grand Opening of Kiki’s Pet Spa  [marketwire] Brooklyn Man Gives Thanks by Feeding Fellow Homeless  [DailyNews] Jonathan Lethem at Greenpoint’s Word Bookstore Sunday  [BrooklynPaper]

Keanu Reeves Visits Greenpoint Reformed Church Soup Kitchen


Photo: Philip Mauro In this photo (and it’s not photo-shopped!) Pastor Ann Kansfield of the Greenpoint Reformed Church is in the company of two very big movie stars: Keanu Reeves and Vera Farmiga who stopped by the Greenpoint Reformed Church Soup Kitchen, earlier today, to lend some support before the Kitchen’s Thanksgiving meal was served. Reeves more…

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Photo: © Geralyn Shukwit Stolen Vehicle Crashes into Building, 3 Injured  [WPIX] Competitive Skee-ball League Forming  [YourNabe] Woodhull Releases Cookbook Good Enough to Eat  [YourNabe] A Piano Bar Grows in Brooklyn  [NYT]

Fashion Sense: Brought to You by the Letter “F”


My blog post today features a Williamsburg-based fashion social media site Fashism (turns fashion criticism on its head) where users can rank each others’ outfits. Think of it as a way for people to Digg your Style. Here’s a Q & A with Fashism co-founder Brooke Moreland. WG: How did you get the idea to launch more…

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Photo © Geralyn Shukwit Drama, Comedy at Broadway Triangle Hearing  [YourNabe] Bigger Sidewalks, Better Bike Lanes, Safer Streets  [streetsblog] A Departing Council Member in Search of a Quo for His Quid  [Observer] Brooklyn Bowl to Host All-Ukulele Beatles Tribute  [BrooklynPaper]

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Photo © Geralyn Shukwit The First Miss G Train Crowned  [flavorwire] Brooklyn siblings strike a chord with TV series on food & music  [NYPost] Fat Camp for Fido in Greenpoint  [NYPost] Robert Sietsema’s Ten Best Williamsburg Restaurants  [VillageVoice]

Greenpoint’s Quiet Park: McGolrick

mcgolrick park greenpoint brooklyn

Every time I step out of my Greenpoint apartment for a run it begins the same way—a 5-minute stroll through McGolrick Park. This park is quietly understated in the neighborhood, off the beaten path, away from the North Brooklyn fray, a gem to residents nearby. After skipping through its walkways again this morning I decided more…

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Photo © Geralyn Shukwit Huge bust at hipster drug den  [BrooklynPaper] 5 Minute Parking Grace Period to Be Vetoed by Bloomberg  [Gothamist] Saltie, Great Williamsburg Sandwich Shop  [cherrypatter] Reserve now: five free art tours of Brooklyn this weekend  [Brokelyn] The Meat Hook Cooks Up Coronary Creations  [NBCNewYork] Robberies Down, But 94th Remains On Guard  [YourNabe] Greenpoint Food more…

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Bedford Kool Man truck

Photo © Geralyn Shukwit Schumer Gives Support to Pool Party Concerts  [NYT] UJO of Williamsburg Opposes Gay Marriage  [yeshivaworld] City Hall Rally Against Broadway Triangle Rezoning  [brooklyneagle] Shag, Williamsburg’s Newest & Sexiest Shop, Opens Friday  [yournabe] Police Blotter: Cell phones and laptops are hot property in neighb  [BrooklynPaper]

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Photo © Geralyn Shukwit Williamsburg Walks Revisited  [YourNabe] 5 Greenpoint Units Sell at First-Ever Condo Auction  [brooklyneagle] ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Set Brings Atlantic City to BK  [broadcastingcable] Vinnie’s Pizzeria Plans Second Location in Greenpoint  [seriouseats]

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Photo © Geralyn Shukwit Photos: Smoking in the Dressing Room @ Bird  [NYT] Williamsburg Post Office Is Pissing People Off  [gothamist] FixCity Bike Rack Roundup Tournament  [streetsblog] Greenpoint Interfaith Food Team needs Thanksgiving Volunteers  [examiner] Free Bowling at Brooklyn Bowl through Nov  [NYHerald]

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Photo: Tamara Hellgren Brooklyn’s butcher boys are on the cutting edge of meat  [DailyNews] Catnapper Strikes Greenpoint  [BrooklynPaper] Greenpoint’s Johnny’s Cafe Transformed into Manhattan Inn   [NYHerald] Organic Beauty Line Opens Flagship Store in Williamsburg  [beautysecrets]

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Fishing Derby

Photo © Geralyn Shukwit Off The L: The Best Boutiques in Greenpoint and Williamsburg  [E-Styling] Winter squash pie contest at Greenpoint Greenmarket  [FreeWilliamsburg] Hoping for a Rooftop Farm in Bushwick  [NYTblog] Party: A Sampling of Brooklyn Authors & Food 11/15  [ColumbiaSt] In Case an Elevator Gets Stuck: “Ring, Relax and Wait”  [NYT] Is this tower more…

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Photo:  Enjoying the fall in Williamsburg © Geralyn Shukwit Pickles, the new cupcake?  [Observer] They’re all Thai’d up in Brooklyn’s Little Bangkok  [BrooklynPaper] Books are obsolete (or are they?) Book event  [WordBrooklyn] Unemployed Bklyn 1 year anniv celebration @ TBD 4pm today  [unemployedbk] Washing Down Beer with Chuncky Fat Spread  [NYPost]

Interview with Williamsburg’s Magical Maestro


The local mini opera company OperaOggi presents a smorsgasbord of classical scenes from world famous operas at the Polish Slavic Center tomorrow, Nov 13, 8pm. This is the second presentation of  “Walk to the Opera” series and includes scenes from Verdi’s “Rigoletto,” Puccini’s “La Boheme,” and Mozart’s “Le Nozze di Figaro.” The Polish Slavic Center is located at more…

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Photo: Tamara Hellgren Memorial Gathering for Jerry Fuchs at Enid’s 11/12  [washingtoncitypaper] Methane Gas Pilot Project Planned for Newtown Creek Plant  [DailyNews] Public art in Bushwick / Fundraiser 2day @ Berry Park  [bushwickbk] Windmills fuel pair of bars … in Brooklyn?  [mnn] Brooklyn’s Sonic Boom: How NYC Became America’s Music Capital Again  [NYMag] Friends of Spoonbill more…

Franny and Roey: Your Best Friend’s Bedroom

Franny and Rooey 001

For nearly a year now, vintage fashion has had a cozy abode along Williamsburg’s Grand St corridor. No, literally an abode. The interior setup of Grand St boutique Franny and Roey is evocative of a 1960s bedroom, styled somewhat in homage to the mise-en-scène of near namesake J.D. Salinger’s 1961 novel “Franny and Zooey,” according more…