What to Wear: Thanksgiving Fashion

Thanksgiving pic for blog post 001

My fashion blogger life got changed from something descending from the heavens. By “something,” I mean my folks.

According to my parents, seeing the Big Apple for the first time, not to mention paying me my first visit since moving to the city two years ago, apparently called for plenty of clothing from my one-time employer, hunting, fishing and camping store Gander Mountain as well as selections from their local Premium Outlet Center. (The Web site has a giveaway for Carhartt clothing on its home page.)  More > >

Pulaski Bridge Walkway Clears on Thanksgiving

Photo: New York Shitty

Motivated by the mounds of food I know I’ll be sinking my teeth into later, and also an episode of the Biggest Loser on television last night (don’t hate on mass media motivation) I set out on a run over the Pulaski Bridge this morning.

Like my roommates—one gone to Chicago and the other New Jersey—I too am traveling to family for Thanksgiving, so I planned ahead to get a workout in, early. I set out at 9am, and found Nassau St, Greenpoint Ave, and the bridge completely deserted. It was unexpected and glorious moment. I give thanks because heading over the Bridge in the morning is usually like trying to push your way to the front stage of a concert,  More > >

Keanu Reeves Visits Greenpoint Reformed Church Soup Kitchen


Photo: Philip Mauro

In this photo (and it’s not photo-shopped!) Pastor Ann Kansfield of the Greenpoint Reformed Church is in the company of two very big movie stars: Keanu Reeves and Vera Farmiga who stopped by the Greenpoint Reformed Church Soup Kitchen, earlier today, to lend some support before the Kitchen’s Thanksgiving meal was served. Reeves and Farmiga are filming “Henry’s Crime.” Some of the scenes are being shot in the upper level of the Church. According to Ann, “Reeves is playing the part of a big-hearted man who is falsely accused of pulling a bank robbery on a bank in Buffalo. Farmiga plays the love interest of Reeves’ character.”  More > >

Fashion Sense: Brought to You by the Letter “F”


My blog post today features a Williamsburg-based fashion social media site Fashism (turns fashion criticism on its head) where users can rank each others’ outfits. Think of it as a way for people to Digg your Style. Here’s a Q & A with Fashism co-founder Brooke Moreland.

WG: How did you get the idea to launch a fashion-oriented social media site? (Well, if that is what you would call it.)

BM: I got the idea while shopping, naturally. While trying stuff on, I thought, “does this really look good?” I don’t usually trust sales people, because they always tell you that it does, so I decided to snap a photo and send it to a friend to get some feedback. Then I thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if I could just send this to a site and get like TONS of feedback from unbiased strangers?” I met up with my husband who was shopping in the men’s department and we talked about it. Then boom. We called our friend Chris who is a developer and the three of us started working on it that afternoon.  More > >

Greenpoint’s Quiet Park: McGolrick

McGolrick Park

Every time I step out of my Greenpoint apt for a run it begins the same way—a 5-minute stroll through McGolrick Park. This park is quietly understated in the neighborhood, off the beaten path, away from the North Brooklyn fray, a gem to residents nearby. After skipping through its walkways again this morning I decided to slow down and take in some of its details.  More > >