Keanu Reeves Visits Greenpoint Reformed Church Soup Kitchen

Mauro_20091125_001_IMG_5874-2Photo: Philip Mauro

In this photo (and it’s not photo-shopped!) Pastor Ann Kansfield of the Greenpoint Reformed Church is in the company of two very big movie stars: Keanu Reeves and Vera Farmiga who stopped by the Greenpoint Reformed Church Soup Kitchen, earlier today, to lend some support before the Kitchen’s Thanksgiving meal was served. Reeves and Farmiga are filming “Henry’s Crime.” Some of the scenes are being shot in the upper level of the Church. According to Ann, “Reeves is playing the part of a big-hearted man who is falsely accused of pulling a bank robbery on a bank in Buffalo. Farmiga plays the love interest of Reeves’ character.”

Reeve’s presence is also being felt in beneficent ways: The film production company producing “Henry’s Crime,” Ann happily reports, is donating funds to the soup kitchen to help begin a much needed rehab of the church’s basement.

For those who don’t know, the soup kitchen serves a healthy and delicious meal to as many as 80 people each week, which, says Ann, is a 20 percent increase over the numbers they served last year. “Due to this surge, to complement seating in the main hall, upgrading the basement space will allow the soup kitchen to keep up with the increasing demand by functioning as an overflow room on busy nights,” she says.

Designers Goil Amornvivat (of Bravo’s Top Design) and Tom Morbitzer have volunteered their expertise and will design a plan for the basement space, says Ann. “The duo, who live in Williamsburg, jumped at the opportunity to help us.”

The soup kitchen needs additional skilled volunteers, and financial contributions to help with the renovation. Donations can be sent via PayPal (, or by mail to 136 Milton St. Brooklyn, NY 11222. Volunteers can call (718) 383-5941.


  1. Z. says

    First photo of Reeves I see with such a joyful smile !

    This is pretty nice photo… Currently discovering Philip Mauro portraits… They are tremendous !

    Great sponsoring from the film production of Henry’s Crime !


  2. Grandad's view says

    Keanu has wrinkers everywhere around his eyes, so he’s not young. Why can’t he keeps his beard and long hair for Henry’s crime instead of trying to make himself looking young all the times. He’s kind hearted but yet very insecure 45 years old man, he knows the only way to make women come to watch his film is if he keeps himself looking young and handsome, because he knows he’s not the best actor, is his good looks that keep him survive in film industry.

  3. Cece v says

    Excuse me but I know many women who will take Keanu and every wrinkle in that adorable sexy man body of his. How do you know how he feels. Keanu has many talents and I know lots of folks who do enjoy his acting, me included. Keanu just needs to keep away from sites like this where folks enjoy hating on successful individuals to compensate for their own shortcomings. If Keanu wants to keep his beard or not that should be his choice. Keanu has folks that work for him and he has a mom that can give him advise if he needs it.

  4. says

    Keanu Reeves has hundreds of millions of dollars de from the Matrix trilogy and what he is doing here is NOT ENOUGH! Its NOTHING compared to Brad Pitt and the rest of the actors that give and CARE and they do not even have as much money as Keanu tucked away!
    Keanu is doing this to promote his stupid film company now that he has broken free from his manager and is doing things on his own! ITS ALL PART OF THE MONEY GAME……and thats about it! Young or old looking, Keanu still goes back to looking like a hobo who needs a soup kitchen himself when he is not so called working and that girls… not attractive! Who wants a smelly hobo as a lover/hubby……EWWWWW!!!!

  5. ? says

    K’s assistant, you have no idea what anybody does with their money. Unlike Bragelina, he doesn’t have babies’ images to sell in order to fund causes. Also, contrary to what you believe, he is known to do plenty; but he doesn’t publicize his good deeds for the notoriety of it all (like Pitt and Jolie) to keep him in the tabloids.

  6. N.K says

    he does not need to show his sexy body to get people to watch him, he is sexy already just the way he is, he does help a lot but he does not talk about it. We all have wrinkles and each and every one tells the story, Keanu’s life is a story only known to him, few details known to us. Let him live his life and respect his privacy. His way of helping may not be like Brad Pitt’s but its the matter of helping that matters.

    And for the Vera Farmiga comments, yes she may not look like Angelina Jolie but Keanu does not care about it. He appreciates beauty from within, its not all about physical look.

    Love him or hate him its your personal choice but who are we to judge anyway. We are all equal as far as i know, the only difference between us is how we think and who we are as people. Life is to short to judge, hate, hold grudges and envy one another. Look around you, people are dying everywhere, children starving to death and you are throwing bad comments against Keanu for helping. What does that make you? We are all actors on the stage that means life, some of us lucky to get away with the Oscar and some just a nomination but in my eyes Keanu does not need an nomination or Oscar to prove his qualities. To me Keanu is Oscar himself. Golden boy who shines no matter where you put him, no matter what you dress him in, no matter who is around him. Keanu holds his head high no matter what gets thrown at him and walks with dignity and pride despite many falls in his life. Admire him for that…

  7. N.K says

    to you so called Keanu’s assistant:
    What makes you think he can not love? Who are you to tell that he can’t establish relationship or that he dates woman only approved by his mother? What do you know about his mother or what gives you right to speak about her badly? You claimed that you meet him many times and that he is not even a man but a mommy’s boy? That is how you see him, that is your point of view and all i can see is that you need to get your vision checked.
    Half of Hollywood is on drugs, he is not, half of the actors were in rehab at some stage, he wasn’t, half of them have broken marriages comparing to his what you call broken relationships. He deals with grief his own way and that is his right. If you honestly believe that Angelina Jolie knows how to love then please explain why was she married three times? If you know how to love and take marriage seriously shouldn’t one marriage last forever? How do you define love? Jolie and Pitt do help no doubt about that and publicity that surrounds them surrounds them only because who they are, you don’t know what happens inside their house or when camera stops rolling, so go breathe some fresh air, have a coffee on your balcony and think again before you judge someone. Waste your energy into something positive, plant a vege garden go feed birds in a near by park, lay a bunch of flower to unknown grave site, do something that you would never consider doing and stop judging him. Human life is the most valuable thing on Earth and how each individual chooses to live their life is their right. Do you not have anything better to do then rubbish someone? Do you not know the meaning of “what you give is what you get”? Has someone abused you to that point that you can’t see anything positive in anyone or you are just naturally born pesimist who can’t see a goodness in someone no matter how small that goodness is? I am sorry if my words have hurt you or insulted you in any way but you have your opinion and this is mine and i have no problem saying I am sorry if i feel need for it. Sorry is sometimes the hardest word and some people just don’t have courage to say it and they lose so much because of their pride.

  8. Bilbo Baggins says

    How did this go from being a discussion on the wonderful work being done by the Greenpoint Reformed Church to help the needy to being an attack on the character of a man who is trying to help?
    I seriously doubt that previous posters know anything about the personal life of the gentleman in question, and just because he chooses not to sell his personal life like a cheap prostitute to every supermarket tabloid rag out there does not mean he is in anyway damaged or incapable of having a personal life. It just means that he has respect for the people who share his life that may not want their lives made into fodder for the gutter press.
    As for the Greenpoint Reformed Church BRAVO, this world needs more people like this, by the way did anyone else read this article and actually make a donation?
    They did include a link for paypal donations at the bottom of the story.

  9. Mimi says

    Wow,Assistant, are you suffering from PMS or has your cat peed on your carpet?

    You know what: I appreciate Brangelina for ther generositiy, BUT: Each time i stumble across an article about how “good” they are, i feel sick and think: “It’s all good and well that they help – but why do they have to push it into our faces all the time????”
    There is a thing like too much publicity, you know! Too much press is not always a good thing, some people feel put off by it!

    Personally, I prefer “Helping and be descreet about it” to “Helping and bragging about it”. Main thing is that the rich people help, NOT that they talk about it – cause sometimes the “Bragging about how a good person one is” is nothing else but prestige advertising.

    You don’t need to tell the rest of the world what a good and generous person you are to make them follow suit. This can be done without all that publicity.

    Discretion is so undervalued these days, therefore I appreciate it when I see it.

  10. N.K says

    Mimi i totally agree with you….helping is all about what you can give or do for someone without worrying who is going to acknowledge you for that. You give because you choose to give and want to help as human being. Not because Media requires you or expects you to do it.

  11. MJH says

    First I must speak up for Keanu after reading this trash from this so called Keanu’s assistant. First you need to change your name to douche bag and stop spewing your pointless trash in desperation to just make yourself get noticed because loyal fans will know your tricks and just laugh.

    End this pointless discussion now please.

    Proud supporter of Keanu Reeves.

  12. admin says

    Yes, thank you, thank you for participating in this discussion. We’ve decided to end it because it steers too far away from the real point of the article, which is to bring positive attention to the Greenpoint Reformed Church soup kitchen.

    Thanks all.

  13. Get a Clue says

    Give it a rest. I Just looked to see the photo. He is gorgeous & stunning but he is a lousy actor. He may be a sweet guy. I have no clue. Thanks to the Church for feeding people in need,. That is tghe point of the article. It seems that most of you have left that out of your diatribes. I for one am going to see about volunteering at my local food pantry. I love to voluneteer whenever I can and am super thankful for my great life and the health and happiness of my family and friends.