Williamsburg Outerwear Part Deux: In the Pink

Williamsburg woman in the pink coat

So the stars have it. In my last installment I predicted (with tongue in cheek) that outerwear street style would get hit with a dash of color as we move out of an astrological cusp and into the month of Aquarius.

And well, astrological doubters out there, you better brush up on your star charts because lo and behold, as I was hunched over to conserve warmth after filling up on kielbasa and eggs at Kasia’s Restaurant in Williamsburg, I saw this lovely lady run by me with heeled boots click-a-clacking on Bedford Avenue.

This thistle-colored calf-length number left my black peacoat with severely busted lining in the dust. Topped off with an eye-catching, rimmed hat, her style put today’s frigid sunshine in a whole new light. Could this floral shade mark an early spring? Perhaps temps this morning in the high teens would suggest otherwise, yet it’s not too early to consider planning for spring trends.

Just last night, I went to beauty and photography salon Dex New York to get the 411 on Spring 2010 makeup trends. Rounding out the list was a trend dubbed “Cool Pinks;” namely those with bluish tones last seen un-ironically before “Dallas” was in re-runs. According to the little handout given by the folks at Dex, “icy pinks everywhere from eye shadow to lipsticks” have been rocked on runways at Milly, Norma Kamali and Tommy Hilfiger.

So there you have it. Blush without being embarrassed for once. What better segue from winter to spring is there than icy pink? Pisces notwithstanding.

Maybe those zodiac fish are salmon.

47.5 Play @ MeMe Antenna in Mini Mall

Got plugged into this electroacoustic band, numbered 47.5 on Friday, at the Bedford Ave Mini Mall produced by the music/gifts store MeMe Antenna—a welcoming shop that combines music new and old, and gifts and conversation.  The group is “a duo project, with live loops of drums, vibes and analog synths… It’s a very analog-minded groovy slowdowner’s music.”  They’ll be doing more of these.

More about 47.5: http://www.myspace.com/475nyc

Williamsburg Outerwear: Black on Black

G train stop cell phone

So all of you out there in interwebs land—that is to say, my Twitter followers—have figured out that I’ve been a bit out of commission. I was hit by a car a couple of weeks back and have been recovering. For this reason, I have not been out and about in the fair neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. This post is among my forays, back into writing; but as I move back into walking for more than 10 minutes at a time, I’ll leave the street style shots to my dear friend and professional fashion photographer Chris Reed, the mind behind newly launched street style blog Might Like You Better. Chris was kind enough to let me suss out his blog pics during my (hopefully speedy) convalescence.

This random passerby as the blog post title suggests, on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, sports a simple, recession-friendly look avec black jacket over black pants; and with black high-tops at that. Come to think of it, it’s a similar look as sported by the young lovely in…

Black leather over black denim sets the undertone for this Swedish girl reading a Dutch paper on a sunny Williamsburg day.

The first shot was taken on Dec. 29; the latter on Jan. 11—both during the sign of Capricorn, known for a predilection toward basic neutral shades, as are black and white. Black is a traditional winter color; so these looks don’t seem too newsy, so to speak. Will this mean a wash of color on the streets of Williamsburg and Greenpoint during the month of Aquarius? Perhaps considering the dash of pink on this straphanger waiting for the G train-comme-shuttle on Sunday afternoon, we’re just edging towards a brighter palette this mid-wintertide.

Or if anything, a dash of color would be a festive touch to my birthday tomorrow.

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Kelly Sturhahn

Untitled (Greenpoint), 2009, ink and wash on paper / by Kelly Sturhahn.

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Kelly Sturhahn

Untitled (Greenpoint), 2009, ink and wash on paper / by Kelly Sturhahn.

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