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Photo by Andrew Frasz NYT Music Jazz Listings  [NYT] A Scorpion From Iraq Trying to Sting in America  [NYT] It’s a Riot (A Record Riot, That Is)  [NBC] Forget Police Data; New Yorkers Rely on Own Eyes  [NYT] DOT hosts forum on Kosciuszko designs  [QueensChronicle]

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Photo by Carrie Beckman Williamsburg’s Growing Finger; A Pro-Garbage Garage Celeb  [Curbed] Our first-ever Williamsburg tapas smackdown! [BrooklynPaper] Brooklynites Crazy For Ukuleles  [HuffPost] NYT Visits Voos: “Old Suit, New Seats”  [NYT] E.T. Visits Williamsburg Hasids and Possibly Hangs With Hipsters  [Jewcy] Community Board Votes NO To Redevelopment of Domino Factory  [VozIzNeias] NY Times Fashion & more…

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Photo by Carrie Beckman Locals Slam Domino Sugar Refinery Development  [Gothamist] UFO Spotted Over Williamsburg, Hipsters Shrug  [Courier] New Bill Seeks to Federalize NYCHA  [Courier] More Coffee Coming to Williamsburg  [NYPress] The Spandex Report: Williamsburg Fashion Weekend  [TheAwl] Best Perfume Stores (CB I Hate Perfume)  [TimeOut] It Stinks, (But it’s Okay)  Dining Calender  [NYT]

JoAnn Berman Electric on The Runway


Photos by Nina Berman The JoAnn Berman “Thunderbirds” show was a standing ovation event at The Green Shows (held at The Green House in the LES), during Fashion Week. In attendance were WWD, Vogue, Marie Claire, and Seventeen, as well as model/designer Nicole Murphy (former wife of Eddie Murphy) who had her picture taken with Ms. more…

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Photo by Andrew Frasz Thurs at Meathook: Read the Book, Learn How to Tango  [OTBKB] Hipsters Hit The Runway At Williamsburg Fashion Weekend (PHOTOS)   [HuffPost] Jane’s Closet Launches Williamsburg Pop-Up  [nbcny] Blue Bottle Coffee to Open in Williamsburg  [Pneumatic]

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Photo by Andrew Frasz The Olympic sport Curling popular with hipsters (NOT)  [weeklyworldnews] Local professional wrestling—WWE Or Bust  [huffpost] Four designs for the new Kosciuszko Bridge  [QueensCrap] Open House Offers Look At Plans For New Kosciuszko Bridge  [timesnewsweekly] Pollution under Greenpoint? It’s worse  [BrooklynPaper] Man arrested after dumping crap in the Newtown Creek  [NYPost] Watch out, more…