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Photo by Adam Lerner

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Misinform & Conquer: The Developer, Domino, and the Latino Vote


Story & Photos by Benjamin Lozovsky

Dennis Farr has an opinion. Actually, the vivacious, scholarly, hulking Brooklyn native probably has a viewpoint on just about everything, but this specific one stems from an idea that has captured his fascination for over 30 years. “It’s all about gentrification, man,” Farr exclaims in conversation.

Dennis Farr, a longtime resident of South Williamsburg at the Domino site.

It is his pivot point, his launching pad, and his inescapable shadow, all at the same time. Farr, of Puerto Rican descent, has fought the changes to the Southside of Williamsburg in a dramatic fashion for a long while. His latest battle against the New Domino proposal has perhaps been his largest.

Regarding this latest theater of engagement, Farr says, “[The New Domino]’s bound for failure, and it’s going to have disastrous consequences on the economy of the neighborhood.”

Frank Ortiz has an opinion as well. A resident of the Southside for 30 years and a former employee at Domino Sugar for nearly as long, he too strongly opposes the New Domino proposal presented by developer CPC Resources (CPCR), the for-profit arm of the non-profit money lender Community Preservation Corporation (CPC). As a single disabled veteran in a rent stabilized apartment just down the street from the site, he worries about the unsustainable price hikes in food, water, housing, bills, and more that might come with the development’s arrival. He’s also concerned about CPCR’s seeming disinterest in obtaining some sort of housing priority for ailing former servicemen.  More > >

Street Style: Fur Yur Infurmation

Norwegian fur 1

Photos by Eric Wolman

While last Friday may have been downright chilly here in New York City, Scandinavia is downright smokin’.

While the Icelandic volcano par excellence Eyjafjallajökull has been playing its part in keeping Europe grounded, over here on Bedford Avenue, Maria Paulina Balgobin, a student from Norway, was showing her family the Williamsburg sights when photographer Eric Wolman and I tracked her down.  More > >

Calvacade Handmade Craft Fair Today at Berry Park

The Cavalcade, a traveling craft fair organized by the Etsy street team, the NewNew, is holding their Spring Handmade Cavalcade at Berry Park (Nassau and North 14th St in Greenpoint), on Sat, April 24th. This year’s theme focuses on sustainably-made products and eco-friendly goods.

“The {NewNew} is an eclectic group of independent handmade etsy artists, designers, makers and crafters in the Metro New York area. Members produce fine, handcrafted goods including clothing, home décor, jewelry, accessories, paper goods, bath and body products, toys, and baked goods. Everything is designed and produced locally by the talented artists of The {NewNew}.”

Berry Park is the newest venue for the event, and is expected to offer a great atmosphere, plenty of food and drinks too. Communal Table will be serving tasty treats, including fine chocolate from Fine & Raw.