Shriek of Dragon Breath

Shriek of Dragon Breath
A poem by Marc Nasdor

Public Notice:
Vehicles entering Event Horizon
of Designated Comfort Zone
of Designated Bike
(2001 Trek 7700)
& your assumed trajectory
intersecting bike & body in motion
will put motor vehicles at serious risk
of having their drivers’ eardrums
blown deeper into their heads

Bike Rider possesses extraordinary skills
of Perilous Dragon Breath Shriek
Shriek may strip off more layers of skin
than Dr. Zizmor’s Famous Chemical Peel
or the punch of a hospital defibrillator
used by mistake on healthy patient
thus vehicles are warned
to approach with caution

To wit:
Dragon Breath requires & declares
a Six-Foot Radial Buffer
between Your Dumb-Ass Vehicle
& Dragon Breath’s Awesome
Human-Powered Chariot
reasoning that Rider of Vehicle
is protected by steel & airbags
door-panels bric-a-brac
while Rider of Bike by shirt
& occasionally pants

Biker will pause for lights on Bedford
at Broadway Grand & Metropolitan
but not at N. 7th
or the N. 6th intersection stop sign

Visitors arriving on foot
will be given right of way
if alone or in small groups
provided they do not intend
to disgorge the contents of their stomachs
onto the sidewalk
in Bike Rider’s Designated Neighborhood

Visitors accompanied
by real estate agents
tour guide persons
born-again foodies
or owners of overrated faux-foodie restaurants
risk being struck
by quantities of saliva
from Designated Bike Rider’s
dead-on accurate pump-action orifice

You know who you are
Have a lice day.

Theatre in the ‘hood: “Cop Piece”


Review by Philippe Theise, and photos by Yuki Wakamaki

Last night, in a dilapidated two-room storefront at 94 Norman Ave, local company lilac co and st john’s theatre ended its run of Cop Piece, a work-in-progress written by company co-founder and Greenpoint resident Sean Edward Lewis. Thursday night’s show, included a slide presentation and a poetry reading before the play. I enjoyed the diversity and commitment of the performers.  More > >

One of a Kind Billboard for Peachfrog on North 7th & Bedford


Photo by Maru Catalan


A one-of-a-kind billboard for Peachfrog, the popular designer clothing liquidators on North 10th Street, was spray painted a couple of months ago by a celebrated Chilean graffiti artist, Francisco Fernandez, aka Dasic. The sign is located at the L train station stop at North 7th & Bedford Ave. Dasic is traveling the world making signs. See more of his artwork on his blog.  On the day of the painting, Peachfrog also presented designer fashions in their showroom, with pizza, beer and bakery goodies produced by local bakery/restaurant Rabbithole.

  More > >

The Daily Photo + Links


Photo by

Williamsburg construction foreman Luis Zaruma dies after five-story fall  [DailyNews]

Sniffing Out New Scents In Brooklyn’s Williamsburg  [WSJ]

Jessica Oshita searches for subway hero, union worker John Busch saves girl  [DailyNews]

South Williamsburg Community Groups Want to Build Park Over BQE  [LMag]

Dinner and a Movie—coming soon to Williamsburg  [BrooklynPaper]

Family of killed Charedi landlord furious killer may go free  [BreakingJewishNews]

Photo by Kristen Brown (Brooklyn Paper)

Pop and Rock Listings  [NYT]

This hotdog is $11—but it’s worth it!  [BrooklynPaper]

Stalled Development Blocks the Sidewalk on Roebling St / Causes Dangerous Conditions / Take Action

Picture 7

Photo by Meredith Chesney

For anyone who has walked along Roebling St, you’ve likely noticed the blocked-off sidewalk on the south side of the street between North 9th and North 10th streets. For about two years now, a construction fence has enclosed the sidewalk there. It creates unsafe conditions, especially when trucks are loading and blocking the sidewalk at the feather warehouse across the street. Pedestrians are forced to walk into the street. No plans to develop the lot in question, appear to be in the works, so we have no idea how long this situation will exist, or why it was created in the first place. I inquired about this at Council Member Steven Levin’s office, and was informed by his community liaison that I (and many others) should file complaints to 311.* That’s where you, dear resident, come into play.  More > >

Spider Mites! Bamboo & Mosquitoes

spider mites


Q: Help, I Have Spider Mites, What do I do?

When the weather warms up, plants tend to get dry, and those pesky spider mites come out to feast.

There are many types of spider mites but the ones that are a problem in our homes and gardens is the two-spotted mite (Tetranychus urticae). Spider mites are about the size of a grain of sand so they are difficult to see. The best way to tell if you have them is to examine the underside of leaves. Spider mites will leave small brown or yellow dots on the leaves, and sometimes fine strands of silk or webbing. Try holding a piece of white paper under a leaf and gently tap, if you see slow moving dots on the paper, these are most likely spider mites.  More > >