From London to the ‘Burg … Musical Impressions

DSCF1983-520x404Yesterday was a day of Music. Throughout the city sounds of bands, pianos and even opera could be heard, whatever the borough. Make Music NY celebrated the first day of summer, for the fourth year, with over 1,000 city-wide free concerts. My favourites were the guitarists playing Beatles songs in Union Square and the pop-up gigs of rock bands all along Bedford Ave. Music is a great collector of the people, so it was no surprise to see all different kinds of music lovers out and about. One point about outdoor impromptu performances is that you can never plan ahead, in terms of scheduling your performance after an assembly of fire trucks have bombarded their way through the street. Gunfight! learned this the hard way, but they did not let it dampen their musical energy.  

DSCF1984-520x390As well as Make Music New York, Play Me, I’m Yours was set up. An Artwork by Luke Jerram, consisting of pianos, beautifully decorated and strategically placed in many different points across the city, available to be played by the public. And what better a place to set this piece up than in New York City! Musicians flock to the five boroughs to learn, play and be discovered, so there was no doubt that when walking through McCarren Park I would hear sweet music being played.  It makes a lovely change from the eye-sore elephants that have graced London Town this summer.

Not only does Play Me, I’m Yours give people who have never played a piano the chance to do so, it is also raising awareness and promoting Sing For Hope, which is an artists’ peace corporation, defined by the needs of the community.

Even though the day of free concerts is over, you can still go and make your own music (on the piano) until July 5th.