OMMMMG: So Many Yoga Studios in the Neighborhood – Part 1

Unnata Aerial Yoga

My Zen is at the peak of productivity. Between morning and afternoon meetings, doctors appointments, a run at the gym, jazzed up on cappuccinos, deadlines looming, I take a minute to focus on my breath, I inhale the city’s car-fumed air … Blackberry still in hand, podcast tunes pumping through my brain, scanning the daily paper … and I exhale. OMMMMMMmmmm.

Reality Bites: The Too-True Art of Andrew Ohanesian

“Montana, 2010,” a walk-in  cooler with display doors was installed at English Kills Art Gallery, last spring. Photo courtesy of Andrew Ohanesian

Andrew Ohanesian doesn’t just create art; he creates art that passes for reality. The 30-year-old Bushwick transplant—when he isn’t working at his “day job” as studio manager for NYC-based new media artist Jon Kessler—is busy in his studio (site of such detritus as a working stove, piles of raw lumber, a man-sized safe, and dismembered mannequins), plotting out how to best create his next, accurately textured, convincingly lit, art installation that feels, looks, and smells so real, it blurs the boundaries between art and life.