OMMMMG: So Many Yoga Studios in the Neighborhood – Part 2

It’s a boom time for yoga studios in Williamsburg/Greenpoint. When I first began researching for Part I of this story, I was aware there was a surge of new places to practice yoga in the neighborhood, but I didn’t realize we were in a veritable cornfield of them. Turns out that behind those barricades we all thought contained high-rise apartment buildings—just yoga studios! Miles and miles of yoga studios. Here’s Part II.

Life and Art with Mark Lombardi


Lombardi (a master draftsman and concept artist, who died of an apparent suicide in 2000) made notes on tens of thousands of index cards; a few bundles of them, tied up with rubber bands, are here,

Hats Today + links


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Eyewear as art — Grand Opening for Luxeye Optical II


Friday night, Luxeye Optical, held a party for the opening of their second store on Bedford Avenue (at South 1st Street). Professional models sported the current fashions in eyewear. A generous buffet was served, including an impressive 7-tiered cupcake cake—each individual cupcake decorated with mini eyeglasses & case (made of sugar). Along with an extensive more…

Refillable Beer Jugs: It’s Growler Time

Refillable beer growlers (jugs) have become available at the pharmacy chain Duane Reade and at many locations around Williamsburg/Greenpoint. Photo by Lisette Johnson

Despite the buzz that Duane Reade has generated with their selling of growlers, they’re not the only store in the neighborhood that does. In fact, because customers must use a Brew York City-brand growler, it’s not as good a deal as some other places …

SXSW: Wrap Up and Lessons Learned


Stacey Brook wraps up her shows seen and lessons learned at SXSW 2011 before she takes a long nap Okay, maybe these weren’t real, authentic Austinites, but they were some of the more enthusiastic participants in the shenanigans on 6th street, which served as party central for the music portion of SXSW.

Luxury Living is Taking a Toll, Brother!

phil on fire

Last month, I received an email from a resident who lives at Northside Piers (the first residential development to be built following the 2005 rezoning of the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront) because he was having major problems with his unit.