Eyewear as art — Grand Opening for Luxeye Optical II

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Friday night, Luxeye Optical, held a party for the opening of their second store on Bedford Avenue (at South 1st Street). Professional models sported the current fashions in eyewear. A generous buffet was served, including an impressive 7-tiered cupcake cake—each individual cupcake decorated with mini eyeglasses & case (made of sugar).

Along with an extensive selection of eyewear, they were exhibiting art and photography portraying eyeglasses in some shape or form. Much of it was commercial photography or fashion photography-based. But not exclusively, there was a lovely little rendering of classic nerd glasses on a wood panel. A series of black on white renderings of eyeglasses and smokiness (smoke gets in our eyes?). And the most ironic, a large blank canvas that portrayed simply, a pair of Groucho Marx nose/mustache gag glasses on it.

I spoke with Jenny Ma, the owner about her impetus for exhibiting artwork for the opening. She said she has many clients in the neighborhood who are in the creative fields and wanted to offer an opportunity for exposure, and also to create a bridge between what she does—fitting people with the best eyewear possible with something more culturally befitting the neighborhood. We talked about eyewear: she considers it possibly the most important accessory and often the most neglected. In fashion or film for instance it can make or break a character. I like the way she has considered many angles with what she wants to project as a retail store—melding eyewear, fashion and art, she is hitting the pulse of the new Williamsburg. I must admit, there were quite a few designer sunglasses that I liked for very reasonable prices, might be time to upgrade from my Ray-Ban Aviators…


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