Silicone Sister, the “Rock Band from Brooklyn”

silicone sisters in brooklyn
Silicone Sister, the self proclaimed “rock band from Brooklyn” played on Friday night at The Local 269 on East Houston (the former location of the lesbian hip bar Meow Mix). There were several bands lined up, but I came in at Eye of the Dawn, a band made up of studio musicians and musical directors—they put on a good show and Aneurysm June, Europeans doing mostly Nirvana covers—they did them really well, by the way.

But I was there to see Silicone Sisters, a power duo with Anthony Moore on guitar/vocals and Babar Peltier on drums. Moore and Peltier met in bar in Bushwick less than a year ago, talked music the entire night, decided to jam together, formed a band. These boys love rock & roll. And they love it fast, no slow songs in their set. Which was fine by me because between the two of them they make a wall of sound (with fists through it). Peltier, a high energy driving drummer, has the ability to switch into “delicate” moments on cymbals, which was as much fun to watch as it was to listen to. Moore, bringing the rest of the sound on guitar and vocals, has a solid technique and tons of passion. I noticed how long his fingers are, chord changes made easy, he delivered rhythm and raucous melody.

Set highlights were opening song Q/A.  Black History Month is also a beautiful song possibly the most “sensitive” and I really like Release the Hounds which can be listened to on their Myspace page. Moore has a beautiful tenor voice, sometimes sounding at the edge of strained which is super appealing actually. They play their respective instruments hard and independently, but at times haul off into a perfectly synched instrumental of the same thrashing rhythm. I liked these moments throughout the show—it unified the set.

Some comparisons were made such as Black Sabbath, AC/DC, The Melvins, but Silicone Sister has their own unique thing going on. Not too concerned about where the rest of the band is, they definitely carry it.