Memories of Summers by Masten Lake

The plate features cucumber, purslane, straciatella with shards of smoked trout. (

When David Rosen decided to close Savalas on Bedford Avenue, and reopen it as a restaurant and bar six months later with two other partners, he decided to call it Masten Lake, after a captivating spot in the Catskill Mountains.

Nicole Atkins: Blues Girl

nicole atkins photo by lucia holm

Nicole Atkins’ music has always leaned heavily on early 70s psychedelia and heaping doses of gutteral blues and leaping, honeyed soul, but her latest album

Greenpoint Film Festival Kicks Off

Movie still from David Lynch’s “Eraserhead.” Photo courtesy of GFF

Did you know that the Little Rascals was set in Greenpoint? It’s one of the screenings for the upcoming Greenpoint Film Festival, the first of what will become an annual affair organ­ized by Woven Spaces.

43 Magazine Launches—Interview with Allen Ying


Allen Ying, admired in skateboarder circles for his gravity-defying shots of skaters flying through the air, celebrated the results of a Kickstarter campaign this past August, earning more than the goal of $20,000— a green light for his brainchild 43 magazine…