Trent’s Top Williamsburg Brooklyn Gallery Picks—October 2011

Detail of “No Sleep ‘til Brooklyn,” 2011, an installation by the People’s Art Collective at the Bogart Salon. Photo by Matthew C. Lange

“In Loving Memory” solved a practical problem for NURTUREart. The gallery had a huge roof deck but nowhere for people to sit, so the Mildes hit the streets of New York and brought back a clashing collection of ten discarded chairs, which they cleaned and restored to working order.

Bloomberg Takes the Stand

Real Estate Rich Cash Poor

Mayor Michael Bloomberg took the stand in the trial of political consultant John Haggerty, who is accused by the Manhattan District Attorney of stealing $1.1 million from the Mayor. $600,000 of that was paid to Haggerty himself. The money was said to be used for poll watchers on Election Day when the Mayor was running for his third term.