The Best North Brooklyn Street Art of 2011

nohjcoley street art

We decided to compile a list of some of the most notable street art from the area in 2011. This is not a comprehensive survey but a taste of some of the exciting work that has been appearing on the streets of our dear borough.

Commentary: No Jail Time for Scarano, Business as Usual

I’m not big on conspiracy theories, though you’ve got to wonder if the mere slap on the wrist architect Robert Scarano received had anything to do with politics. Was the City using Scarano to accomplish their notsohidden agenda to remake Brooklyn into high density, highrise neighborhoods? The best the City accomplished was to take away Scarano’s ability to professionally certify his filings with the Department of Buildings. The City did not go after his architect’s license, which is what was demanded by the public. So in essence, the bad get rewarded; his license (017739) to practice architecture is still active.

Eating Around: Osteria il Paiolo

Screen shot 2011-12-10 at 3.00.58 PM

Osteria il Paiolo 106 North 6th St. (Berry & Wythe) (718) 218-7080 Open 7 days a week By Mary Yeung A white tablecloth restaurant in the heart of Williamsburg. That is so rare. But chef and owner Alex Palumbo wishes to give his customers an elegant dining experience, although he is aware that this white more…

Recipe—Landhaus Bacon

Landhaus Bacon    Photos Benjamin Lozovsky

Once the bacon is roasted it can be browned and used anywhere you would like thick delicious chunks of tender bacon: sandwiches, scrambled eggs, clam chowder, on macaroni and cheese—the sky is the limit.

Co-Op 87 Putting a Good Spin on Vinyl

Co-Op 87 co-owner Mike Catalano is something of a music maharishi. Photos by William Hereford

The sidewalk outside the entrance to Co-Op 87, covered with crates and boxes of $1 records, feels like your old college buddy’s apartment: stockpiles of stuff that live where it lands. But inside there’s a sense of cozy calm, like a warm library. That is, if libraries played loud post-punk albums.

Days of Blueberry Wine & Lobster Rolls

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 7.52.54 PM

To be clear, this is a lobster “joint” not a “shack.” There are no dime store fish nets, colorful buoys, or sticky old ketchup stains permanently left on weathered picnic table, but instead it’s spic-and-span, with white tiled walls and picnic-style tables that are made of knotty old English pine and polished to a river stone smoothness.