Wok This Way: Brooklyn Wok Shop

Won Ton Soup @ The Brooklyn Wok Shop  Photo by Alvaro Saavedra

Making fun of Chinese food has been a favorite American pastime since the dawn of time. For many decades, the running Chinese food joke was, “Am I eating dog, cat, or pork?” Then, in the health-conscious 80s (the Jane Fonda workout video era), the battle cry was changed to “Why is Chinese food so greasy?’ Really? As compared to what? Duck confit? French fries? ….

A Positive Valentine’s Day

Comedian Nancy Redman

I will use cognitive therapy, Every negative thought I get
No matter how relentless and repetitive they are, I will instantly replace with a positive thought

Co-Working at The Yard

Photo by Ashley Corbin-Teich

The Yard is already the workday home for a number of local entrepreneurs, writers, graphic designs and start-up ventures including Wanderfly, a personalized travel recommendation site, as well as the music aggregator The Hype Machine.