Wok This Way: Brooklyn Wok Shop

Won Ton Soup @ The Brooklyn Wok Shop  Photo by Alvaro Saavedra

Making fun of Chinese food has been a favorite American pastime since the dawn of time. For many decades, the running Chinese food joke was, “Am I eating dog, cat, or pork?” Then, in the health-conscious 80s (the Jane Fonda workout video era), the battle cry was changed to “Why is Chinese food so greasy?’ Really? As compared to what? Duck confit? French fries? ….

Co-Working at The Yard

Photo by Ashley Corbin-Teich

The Yard is already the workday home for a number of local entrepreneurs, writers, graphic designs and start-up ventures including Wanderfly, a personalized travel recommendation site, as well as the music aggregator The Hype Machine.