Time to Hit the Dirt: Starting Your Plants from Seed

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When we say Brandywine, or Moon and Stars, even Freckles and Deer Tongue, we smile, because we know what that means, and we all have our favorites.

I love seeds. I like looking at the catalogs, reading the descriptions, trying the varieties, saving them, collecting them, and trading them. I enjoy talking to seed growers and sellers and getting all nerdy about the different cultivators and reminiscing.

After Many Years McCarren Pool Opens this Summer!

McCarren Pool Set to Reopen June 28th.

The mighty McCarren Park Pool – shuttered for almost thirty years – is set to reopen on June 28th, city officials confirmed.
Opening ceremonies are scheduled for 11:00am that day. The city hopes to have a “soft opening” of at least one section of the recreation center by Memorial Day according to several city sources. (This story is sourced from A Walk in the Park NYC)

Alex Melamid, Artist Healer-in-Residence

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Melamid split from Komar in 2004. At 66 years old, his work leans so far to the edge of irony that it makes Duchamp look conservative. These days, Melamid is concerned with reaching a greater public beyond the walls of museums…

Trent’s Top Gallery Picks—March 2012

Installation view of Charles Atlas’s video projections “Plato’s Alley,” 2008 (left), and “Painting by Numbers,” 2011. Photo courtesy Luhring Augustine Bushwick

What makes these works most magical is Altas’s power to turn six boring numerals into things of grace and near limitless capacity. If Luhring Augustine keeps mounting exhibitions as good as this one, we should hope they stick around Bushwick for a long time

Is there A Doctor in the House? Yes, Quite a Few

Dr Cascya Charlot (right) and her sister Dr. Giznola Charlot, recently opened a joint practice on North 9th Street. Standing in the back, Giznola's husband, artist James Haggerty. Photo by Benjamin Lozovsky

Following the tsunami of new galleries, restaurants, bars, developments, and people, like clockwork the next step in the growth of the neighborhood is that professional services—doctors in private practice and hospital satellites—follow.

Small Businesses Demand Compensation for L Train Closures

The lure of Williamsburg is that it’s just one short subway stop away from Manhattan. But when ?the trains are not running, it might as well not exist. It’s hardly “the vibrant street scene” envisioned in?the 2005 rezoning for the neighborhood, and unfortunately it’s the businesses that are left holding the bag.