Domino Sugar Factory Plans Falling Down

Concept Plan by Williamsburg Independent People includes gallery space and an art park accessible from the waterfront. Courtesy WIP/By-Encore

Domino Falls Down (Architect’s Newspaper)

CPCR Donated over $100K to Local Supporters (Eastern District)

Lawsuit Could Hurt Domino Development Plans


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The controversial residential development proposed for the site of the Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg has cleared every planning and landmarks hurdle. But despite the green light from the city, the site sits dormant. The developer, Community Preservation Corporation Resources (CPCR), declined to comment on the status of the project, but in September, Architectural Record reported that the company was seeking additional investors to move the project forward. The Rafael Viñoly-designed New Domino complex of five towers is slated for 2,200 units, 660 of which the developer says will be affordable housing.

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