Synth Geeks Call Williamsburg Home; Newbies Welcome

An ultimate synth musician Robert A. A. Lowe, is a friend of, and advisor about synth technology to Marihito “Mari” Ayabe, owner of MeMe Antenna. Check out Lowe’s latest work at  Photo by Rebecca Ann Rakstad

In the past synthesizers were at times monstrously large units, with all their capabilities hardwired into one mainframe (think keyboard with lots of knobs on a stand). Now, with modular synth, you customize your experience with a synthesizer, breaking it out into separate more controllable units

Classes at Toby’s Estate

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Starting June 16, the coffee shop, Toby’s Estate, on North 6th Street, will run a free Espro Press class on Saturdays at 1:30pm. The 45-minute class teaches you to brew the best cup of coffee using the Espro Press ($99).

Toughen Up at Green Fitness

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In December 2009, Green Fitness Studio opened its doors on the short, two-block stretch of Varet Street. Amidst neighbors like Café Orwell, Green Fitness makes its unique contribution to the neighborhood through mind and body fitness combined with environmental sustainability.