Op/Ed Architectural Apartheid

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Have you ever felt that you were being watched? Do you have that eerie, creepy sensation that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck, that even gives you a sense of foreboding? You’re not paranoid, because it’s them. It’s those waterfront glass Frankentowers—Northside Piers and The Edge…

Kombucha Come Home: A different kind of brew

Yuzu Lemonade, Cinnamon Plum, Ginger Bomb, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Honey Bourbon Pu-erh (no honey or bourbon added), Silver Needle Jasmine, and Golden Needle are among the kombucha drink flavors Casper produces. Pictured here, are Peach, Super Green, and Oolong kombucha. Photo courtesy of Brett Casper

“If I get bloated after a heavy meal, I’ll drink kombucha and instantly feel better,” says Casper. “It’s also a great hangover cure!” Others claim it boosts immunity and can even help fight cancer, though all health benefits have yet to be scientifically proven.