Interactive Movie about Boys Bullying Boys: WG supports Indiegogo project

The Boy Game Interactive from Deirdre Fishel.

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TheBoyGameInteractive from Deirdre Fishel.

As Michael Kimmel, Pulitzer Prize nominated author of Manhood in America writes, “while bullying has certainly exploded on the national agenda; most of the conversation has revolved around empathy for those who have been targeted by bullies.  While this is laudable, and necessary, it doesn’t capture the dilemmas, the agonies of those who witness it, who get swept up in its dynamics.”

Who are bullies? Sociopaths or boys who have most often been targeted themselves, caught in a belief that masking their vulnerabilities by posturing as tough will gain them much needed respect?  What if no one applauded? Wouldn’t the performance by necessity have to change? And what about all the kids who aren’t active perpetrators but in watching provide the audience that makes the scene happen? We routinely tell kids to stand up?  But in a culture of masculinity what happens to a boy who breaks rank? Certainly if we really want boys to stick their neck out we have to engage with how hard that really is.  The Boy Game is an interactive website designed for middle and high school kids that looks at bullying through the lens of hyper masculine norms. Users go into the story through the POV of three boys—a bully, a target and a bystander whose lives are intertwined. Michael Kimmel says, “It’s  that rare document that takes you inside the heads of several boys at once.  This prismatic approach enables viewers to enter the scene, rather than simply observe it with greater understanding and empathy.  If the conversation about bullying is going to advance, this is the project that will help us advance it.”  The website is still in development.

To see a trailer, learn more and make a donation, if you can: indiegogo campaign