Three Cuts Above Revisited! Barbershop Salons

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As a man looking for a haircut in Brooklyn, one faces a quandary: barber or salon? Barbers have been the go-to choice for men’s haircuts since Ancient Rome, and in the Middle Ages, barbers performed major surgeries. Today, they’re dependable for a quick shave and a haircut, often without an appointment, and are cheaper than a salon.

“iPhone 6” Debuts in Brooklyn

"Leon Reid IV’s iPhone 6". Photo courtesy the artist.

Two days before the iPhone 5 was set to land on shelves at Apple Stores, Leon Reid IV preemptively unveiled his “iPhone 6” last night at his studio in Greenpoint. Wearing his Sunday-best charcoal suit and red bowtie, the 33-year-old street artist

Yoga and the Pelvic Floor

Marisa Sullivan in performance with a yoni yantra in background (female sexual organ and geometrical portrayal of energy).  Photo by Catherine Fagen

There are a bunch of muscles [in the pelvic floor] and some have big complicated names, but there are a few simple images that open many doors to understanding.