Mary Meyer Clothing

Designer Mary Meyer (middle) with associates Emma Kadar-Penner (left) manager of Friends Vintage (MM), and Stephanie Levy, MM photo manager, in Bushwick. Photo by Colby Blount (

A small factory soon sprouted in her living room, and Meyer began to create custom dresses and shirts for friends. The Northern California native founded her company, Mary Meyer Clothing (, in 2005 before migrating East one year later.

PS 84 Greenhouse Project fundraiser concert & light show Dec 15

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Williamsburg’s PS 84 Greenhouse Project Presents a unique collab and one-time only sound & sculpture performance with programming by Everard Findlay, featuring two of Wlsbrg’s most influential artists, musician Tunde Adebimpe, lead singer of TV on the Radio, and Ivan Navarro, acclaimed sculptor and light artist. Story and deets to follow…

What About Gifting Vintage?

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You may hunt for that incredible collectible piece they’ve been wanting, or didn’t know existed (a 1990 deluxe makeup box by Versace, a Victorian braided hair necklace, a Ciciolina 1980s Playboy magazine, a deck of velour-coated playing cards, a taxidermied porcupine, an album of Maria Callas recorded live…

The Turnaround School PS 84 / A Ship Is Only as Good as Its Captain

brooke parker of williamsburg

Every initiative the new parents tried to implement, from writing grants for more arts in the classrooms, to ending the sale of ice cream during school hours, to soundproofing the cafeteria, to renovating the library, was seen as a hostile takeover rather than bettering the learning conditions for all the children in the school.

Big Brooklyn Holiday Toy Drive Party Tonite!

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PARTY RAFFLE PRIZES: Anonymous donor–3 night cruise in Mexico, Bahamas, or Caribbean (airfare included); Brooklyn Roasting Company–private coffee tasting for 6 with tasty treats; King and Grove Hotel–2 pool passes; and much, much more…