Postcards to North Brooklyn, a benefit for Arts@Renaissance

postcards to brooklyn

On December 7, we invite you to take part in a unique show of dozens of postcard-sized tributes to the vibrant neighborhood where we live and create.

Each piece will be sold on December 7 to benefit Arts@Renaissance, the innovative new arts space run by St. Nicks Alliance. All money raised will go to giving artists site-specific and studio residencies to create new work at our unique 4,500 square foot space.

The show will include:

  • 150 original postcard works for sale for only $50 each
  • Special excerpts from the wildly successful (and sold out) “Then She Fell” by A@R residents Third Rail Projects
  • Raffle items including two tickets to Then She Fell, signed posters from the cast, and classes at the New York Drawing School
  • An exclusive look at the exciting future renovations for Arts@Renaissance
  • A sneak peak at the 2013 Arts@Renaissance show by tART collective and AUNTS.

We want you to be a part of it!

Tickets are on sale now and start at just $10. To buy a ticket click HERE!

To submit your own 4×6 postcard to show click here.

Please contact Chris Henderson at or 718 388 5454 ext. 169 for more information.

Participating Artists:

Adrienne Ottenberg
Aga Ousseinov
Alejandra Ugarte Bedwell
Amy Shapiro Price
Ana Golici
Andrew Rosenbarger
Angela A’Court
Ann deVere
Anna Lise Jensen
Barb Hertel
Benjamin La Rocco
Bernadette Scelta
Beryl Brenner
Bethany Allard
Billy McVey
Bob Rivera
Brian Lee
Carri Shocek
Carrie Brittenham
Cecilia Kalish
Charlotte Gudmundsson
Cheyenne Timperio
Clarity Haynes
Corinne Schulze
Damali Abrams
Danielle Mastrion
David Armstrong
David Bowles
David Lukowski
Denise Schatz
Devlin Goldberg
Eliot Lable
Ellen Rand
Emmy Mikelson
Enzo and Nio
Gene DeCicco
James Prez
Janet Kurnatowski
Jenny Hellman
Jess Levey
Jill Sigman
Jilly Ballistic
Jim Clark
Jon Dreyfous
Julia Whitney Barnes
Katherine Keltner
Kayla Medina
Kimberly Tate
Kosuke Kawahara
Kris Scheifele
Kristen Balouch
Latesha Richards
Linda Gottesfeld
Lisa Gutting
Liz Bradshaw
Marilyn Gold
Marsha Staiger
Matt Greco
Matthew Lampert
Melissa Eder
Melissa Staiger
Monica Carrier
Nikki Schiro
Nikolay Milushev
Nina Kelsch
Nino Pochkhidze
Pam Cardwell
Paul Baunnan
Petra Valentova
Pia Coronel
Rachel Farmer
Rafael Gamo
Raquel Torres
Rebecca Sherman
Robin Tewes
Rodney Dickson
Ryan Sarah Murphy
Sara Osebold
Sarah Hollars
Sarah Schrift
Sarah Wang
Saul Chernick
Scott Jones
Sean ‘Scrapworm’ Wrenn
Seth Caplan
Shane Donahue
Shelley Himmelstein
Sher Wouters
Sherry Mestel
Simon Scott
Susan McKellar
Susan Ross
Susana Arellano
Susanna Coffey
Suzanne Broughel
Tamiko Kawata
Tang-Wei Hsu
Tito Pecoraro
Travis Simon
Ward Yoshimoto
Wendy Friend
Wolfgang Ryan
Xian Lee
Zach Morris of Third Rail Projects