Transgression from the 80’s: A Festival of Films by Nick Zedd

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Glasshouse Gallery is currently screening the films of Nick Zedd, and many other films from the transgressive film movement, including works by Amber Dawn, Nicholas Abrahams, Mary Jordan, and Casandra Stark. The features, originally filmed with 8 and 16 mm cameras, are being projected digitally, from Jan 15 – 19.

We’re All Hipsters

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It’s almost as if today’s college educated youth can’t do anything right. If they pursue an MBA or JD they’re accused of becoming greedy materialists. If they pursue work in a community arts center they are labeled unambitious and a drain on society.

my experience of letting the public look through my phone.

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Nick Hugh Schmidt When first proposing the idea of having my phone on display, I felt a sense of excitement. I thought about others looking through my phone and wondering if they would have a sense of voyeurism. For me, to have complete strangers looking through my phone, and reading my everyday life, gave me more…