Williamsburg’s New Cinema District

Williamsburg now has its own movie theatre row (sort of) .  Photos by Victoria Stillwell

When Harvey Elgart first started looking around the Williamsburg-Greenpoint area for places to open a movie theater, he saw a wide open opportunity in a neighborhood devoid of commercial movie options. “It was under-screened,” recalls Elgart, who at the time already operated the Cobble Hill and Kew Gardens Cinemas.

What’s 3 Minutes of Your Time? Myk Henry Performance Art

Tram happenings: Geneva, October 1996. Shaving performance (Monday morning). Boarded the tram 12 at Carouge 11.00hr in the direction of Moinsullaz. Well dressed wearing a suit and tie, I carried with me a fold out stool, a metal basin, and a briefcase. The briefcase contained a thermos flask full of hot water, a mirror, a scissors, shaving foam, a coat hanger and a towel. I clipped off my beard shaved and left the tram ten minutes later. Public reaction: One woman immediately changes her seat when she sees me taking my tie off. Old man: “I hope you’re well shaved. I think you missed a spot” Whilst pouring the soapy water out the door and onto the street one woman obviously offended and in a hurry to get off the tram says: “I can’t believe it. First he shaves and now he’s blocking the doorway of the tram. Public transport worker comments aggressively: “Next they will be installing toilets on the tram.” Photo by Didier Beguelin (Geneva)

We wanted to encourage the artists to come out of their studios and make work that the audience could dive into, to interact with each other and explore their own creativity. We were weaving in and out of dumpsters making art out of trash. You’d see really exciting trends—you really felt you were on the cutting edge.