Farewell to a Community Leader and Friend

Teri Muroff Meyer, former Community Board #1 member and Public Safety chairperson. Photo courtesy Robert Meyer

On January 23, former Community Board member and Public Safety chairperson, Teri Muroff Meyer, 44, passed away after a long battle with cancer. This community is a better place thanks to her. I admired how Teri could dispute with people over issues in her leadership role as Public Safety chair, being firm and tough; then I would see her outside with the same people she was just in conflict with, having a laugh. I learned from her how to fight over an issue but to always be respectful of others.

She was a person I became friends with, and I am blessed for the wonderful times I had with her. This was sent to me by friend and colleague Heather Roslund, who also had the opportunity to work closely with Teri:

“She was one of us. That’s the hard part. She was an artist, an activist, but most of all a doer. She got out there and got involved and made a difference. She was one of those rare people that inspire you to be better.

She was a good friend, always there with an ear or a shoulder, and always with a smile. She was a joy to be with. But not in a sappy way. She was tough and sassy and fierce. And she was so brave. She faced her illness with dignity.

All this was evidenced this past weekend by the hundreds of people who came to pay their respects and say goodbye. It was a truly humbling experience, and I am honored that she considered me her friend.”

— Phil