Traditional Easter Pies at Lorimer Market

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Grain pie (faro grain) for Easter Holidays prepared by Filomena Virtuoso at Lorimer Market.

Wonderful coverage on the tradition of Easter pies (NPR):

“During Easter time, bakeries in both Italy and Italian-American neighborhoods offer a dazzling array of sweet and savory pies. There are regional variations among recipes in both countries, but some of the most popular Easter pies include ricotta pie, rice pie and pizza chena.

Ricotta pie (torta di ricotta) is an Italian cheesecake traditionally associated with Easter. Savory versions include meats, cheeses and herbs, while sweet pies are flavored with citron, citrus zest, nuts and/or chocolate.

Ricotta pie is sometimes confused with pastiera Napoletana, a more time-intensive grain and ricotta cheese pie that is made by soaking whole wheat kernels for up to three days. Since these kernels are difficult to find in the U.S., farro or barley is often substituted.” (–Susan Russo)

Lorimer Market

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