N4 Med Spa Salon Grand Opening—Treatment Demos and more

n4medspaIt’s simple: “One feels better, when one looks better,” says Dr. George Aglialoro, board certified physician/aesthetician, and one who enjoys the process of helping women and men feel and look their best. He recently opened a full-service medical spa/salon in the Northside Piers, on North 4th St and Kent Ave.

With the limited amount of time most people have to devote to self care, he’s created a kind of one-stop shop, a salon where it’s possible for his patients/clients to get a myriad of treatments all in one place, from botox and filler treatments to hair, makeup and waxing; medical and prenatal to hot stone massage; facial peels; custom-spray sun tans; laser hair removal; even laser tattoo removal.

In fact, N4 Med Spa-Salon is the only local salon to offer botox and fillers, and other services such as the tattoo removal, and no argument—this is a good neighborhood for that. The N4 office features state of the art equipment including a laser that removes almost all colors, says Aglialoro. “I see some remarkable tattoo artwork come in to my office, but I see some bad decisions, too.” He understands “tattoo regret” and regularly removes them, often for the purpose of creating a new “canvas” for the tattoo artist to redo one, over an old one, or add new elements to an existing tat.


The staff consists of a group of seven highly trained practitioners: four aestheticians, including the doctor, a nail tech, a hair stylist, and a masseuse. “I’ve hand picked individuals who are incredible at what they do,” says Dr. George, as he is also called. The doctor himself performs derma filler and botox cosmetics, treating lines and wrinkles, or for the purpose of preventing them; he also applies those techniques to enhance features; he does laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal.

Not to forget the “look” of the salon itself, Aglialoro didn’t spare expense and hired the well known interior designer and architect Robert Henry to design N4. Henry is known for his spa designs across the country, including The Setai Wall Street, and The Mandarin Oriental.

I was given a tour into the back area of the salon. One enters a hallway of calmness created by candles softly illuminating the passageway. On either side of the hall are five small rooms where treatments are performed, and you’d gladly fall into any one of them.

Because I have redness to the skin, the Dr. recommended a hydrafacial treatment using three different serums that deeply hydrate the skin, and treats discoloration and fine lines. He explains: “The hydrafacial machine is a great device which heats up the collagen beneath the layer of the skin to help with fine lines and wrinkles, and gives the skin a little tightening affect.”

Aglialoro is proud of their hand-harvested and organic Irish seaweed facial treatments, and the skin care products by Aveda, which they use.

The fees for treatments are not over-the-top expensive, but competitive.

Here’s a chance to get a taste, for both men and women. Dr. George Aglialoro and his staff will be demonstrating and offering free laser revision, custom spray tans, and skin consultations FREE. April 21, 2013 — from 1-5 pm. Wine and appetizers, too, for their Grand Opening.

N4 Med Spa-Salon
47 N 4th St.
(718) 246-4772