Town Hall Meeting: Demand Safe Asbestos Removal at Domino

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Asbestos is a known human carcinogen
There is no safe level of exposure
Asbestos fibers can be 700 times smaller than human hair
Homes built prior to 1980 commonly have asbestos
You can’t see, taste, touch or smell asbestos fibers
Asbestos-caused diseases are preventable
Up to 35 million homes in the United States may be contaminated with asbestos insulation
Asbestos has not been banned in the US
The US continues to import asbestos

Shockingly, the company hired to complete the asbestos abatement of the Domino Sugar Refinery is New York Insulation, which has received numerous violations from New York State and New York City. These include but not limited to dry removal, improper bagging of asbestos, improper preparation of work area, improper personal protective equipment, and failure to provide workers with access to decontamination units/showers.