Bushwick Open Studios 3 Day Arts + Culture Festival, May 31 – June 2, 2013

bushwick open studios 2013 3 day festival

Arts in Bushwick has put together a super map/directory, which is really fun to look at. There are 612 615 studios represented! Keep ‘em coming, AIB! This looks to be shaping up to be one kick-ass studio art and music event, with food! Yay! Map your plan now, because it’s 3 days long. Get busy.

The official programming of BOS ’13 events, hosted by AiB and ordered by date follows below:

BOS 2013 Launch Party
Shea Stadium BK

20 Meadow St.
Friday, May 31, 8pm-2am

The official Bushwick Open Studios Launch Party is a one-night celebration comprised entirely of local talent, showcasing music by Brooklyn favorites, EULA, AIR WAVES, LODRO, and DARLINGS. DJ Mr. Ad Hoc will spin in between sets. Open bar compliments of Brooklyn Brewery; photo-booth with live digital feed courtesy of The Bosco.

Seeking Space Exhibition
3rd Ward

195 Morgan Ave.
Friday, May 31, June 1-2, 12-7pm

The fourth annual official BOS visual arts group exhibition, Seeking Space, will be held at 3rdWard, Bushwick’s premier exhibition and workshop space. Curated from a pool of open-call submissions, attracting international and local talent, this show will display work by 30+ artists from Brooklyn and beyond. The opening night event will feature a live DJ set, projection art, and an open bar sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery.

BOS 2013 Music Festival
Don Pedro

90 Manhattan Ave.
Friday, May 31, 8pm-2am

Lone Wolf
1089 Broadway

Saturday, June 1, 7pm-3am

This two-day rock music festival will feature some of Brooklyn’s best bands,playing garage, punk, soul, new wave, rockabilly, and glam. DJs will spin between sets. Drink specials provided by Brooklyn Brewery.

Hybrid: A Performance Art Showcase
Brooklyn Fire Proof East

120 Ingraham St.
Saturday, June 2, 6-9pm

Using the medium of performance as an opportunity for interaction, Hybrid will present a provocative and dialogue-inducing body of work, with an emphasis on pieces that encourage social and relational exchange.

Electronic Music Showcase
Bossa Nova Civic Club

1271 Myrtle Ave.
Saturday, June 1, 10pm-4am

This late-night event encourages party-goers to dance the night away to beats spun by local, up-and-coming electronic music masters at Bossa Nova Civic Club, Bushwick’s best after-hours scene. No cover, cash bar, 21+ over.

Community Mural Launch Party
Moore Street Retail Market (La Marqueta de Williamsburg)

110 Moore Street
Saturday, June 1, 12-5pm

Celebrating the intersection of food and community, visitors are invited to participate in the unveiling of a new public mural in the outdoor aquaponic farm space at La Marqueta de Williamsburg. Titled “How Does Food Unite People,” the mural was developed by artist and Bushwick resident Miriam Castillo and students from the Beacon Center for Arts and Leadership. A team of student artists and volunteers has been painting the mural since early April. The project, led byAiB’s Community Team, is made possible in collaboration with the Beacon Center, The Moore Street Retail Market, and OKO Farms. The event will feature live music and foods from the market!

BOS 2013 Community Day
Maria Hernandez Park

Knickerbocker Ave. at Starr St.
Sunday, June 2, 11am-4pm

A new endeavor prompted by AiB’s expanded Community Outreach team, BOS ’13 Community Day offers a variety of local community organizations and Bushwick families the chance to participate in the weekend festivities. Arts and crafts stations hosted by local artists, live music, and other family-friendly activities are open to visitors of all ages.

BOS 2013 Moving Forward Music Concert
Brooklyn Fire Proof East

119 Ingraham St.
Sunday, June 2nd, 2pm-2am

This all day landmark musical event, boasting dual indoor and outdoor stages, is a fringe festival of established and undiscovered gems with styles ranging from folk, synthwave, dark psychedelic, and avant-garde pop to new music ensembles, dark/cold wave, and more.

CinemaSunday and BOS 2013 Closing Party
Bat Haus

279 Starr St.
Sunday, June 2, 6pm-1am

CinemaSunday is a new collaboration between Bushwick Film Festival and AiB in order to provide Bushwick’s video and film artists a chance to exhibit their work on the big screen during BOS ’13. This debut event presents an evening of carefully selected innovate shorts, Q&A sessions with the filmmakers, and a backyard BBQ to celebrate the closing of BOS ’13.

NYC Musical Saw Festival in Astoria Queens June 1, 2013

NYC Musical Saw Festival 2013 Astoria Queens

It’s held only every other summer, so try and make it this year. We know this weekend is super-crowded, what with Bushwick Open Studios, and beer, plus beekeeping and chicken-tending, and whatever else ya’ll are up to, but try and make this!

Trinity Lutheran Church in Astoria / Long Island City
3118 37th Street, Astoria, New York 11103

Hours: Begins at 2pm
Admission: $10

The annual NYC Musical Saw Festival was established by founder/director Natalia ‘Saw Lady’ Paruz in 2002.

The NYC Musical Saw Festival is held in Astoria (Queens), NYC every other summer. The festival brings together musical saw players from all over NYC, the US and abroad and aims to preserve the past, honor the present and help shape the future of the 300 year old art form of making music with a carpenter’s handsaw. Astoria has become a pilgrimage place for saw players from such far away countries as China, Japan, India, Germany, Sweden and Canada.

The festival enables saw players to meet other saw players and hear them play, perform solos and jam with others, learn about different types of saws and discover different techniques of playing – all in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

The festival is open to the public at large who can learn about the musical saw and enjoy a unique concert featuring the angelic sounds of the musical saw.

Another part of the festival is an art exhibit featuring the musical saw.
There is also a workshop for musical saw players.

Bushwick Open Studios June 1 Reception at 11 Central Avenue Popup Exhibition by Larry Walczak

Larry Walczak, 11 Central Avenue, Bushwick Open Studios

As part of BUSHWICK OPEN STUDIOS on Saturday, June 1st & Sunday June 2nd I would like to invite you to the pop up exhibition called:

(entrance on 91 Forrest St. right across from English Kills gallery)
Bushwick, Brooklyn NY (close to Morgan Ave, stop on the L train)
hours are 12noon to 7pm both days

RECEPTION: Saturday, June 1st
4-7pm with beer, wine & snacks featuring the installation:

3 X 3 by LARRY WALCZAK ( 3 compositions with collage/paint of portraits of groups of 3 women) also art by Romy Scheroder, Patrick Todd, Michael Pribich, Esperanza Cortes & Justin Amrhein

Eyewash Gallery

The Crest Hardware Art Show (C.H.A.S.) and CrestFest, Only 10 Days to Go!

crest fest and crest hardware art show 2013

WOOT! Just like the poster says, folks—bands, food, dancing, stuff for the kids, crafts, stuff for sale, and, of course, art! And it’s FREE! This festival supports the Crest Hardware Art Show, and it’s always jam-packed with fun people and fun everything! Mark your calendar, or write it on your hand. Do NOT miss this!

From dig2109c
Your local hardware store could also be the next “It” neighborhood gallery if they take Joe Franquinha’s lead.

A few years ago when we started telling you about this art show in a Brooklyn hardware store, people questioned BSA’s sanity and it’s relevance to the street. Even now, there are some street artists who have not exhibited in this show, but that list will be trimming down to zero in the next few years. That’s because of two things – one is that Joe Franquinha and his family re-imagined their store as artists began to re-imagine the surrounding neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick. The other is that the existing gallery system needs to change and Street Artists (and others) have been exploring every other alternative to it for the last decade. The only ivy covered walls that should be relevant to this creative spirit are in the garden section behind the store.

More info here, and you’ll find a form where you can sign up to volunteer. See you there!

Join The Illuminator & WIP in Community Buy-Back Domino Event (Kent Ave & S 2nd)—Thursday May 30, 2013


A recent example of The Illuminator after the Boston bombings, in April. The Illuminator was out by BAM with their message for Boston: “Our thoughts are with Boston. Our hopes are for peace.” Photos by Kyle Depew

Come out to support and witness the local community activist group WIP, along with The Illuminator art collective, here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They are holding an outdoor projection event Thursday, May 30 at 9pm, to bring attention to WIP’s plan on behalf of the community, to offer a buy-out of Domino Sugar Factory site.

WIP believes that like Penn Station, the destruction of Domino without exploring a different vision for this historic site is a mistake in the making that can’t be undone.

WIP offers a solution that is better for the Community City and State by creating a cultural center which would include affordable housing for the community, private museum spaces, a hotel, marina, green roofs and vertical gardens and would demonstrate green technology by using alternate means, wind, wave, geothermal and solar to produce all the energy to run the facility.

The Domino Sugar Site would be part of a 5 borough cultural attraction that is reachable by ferry boat.

The members of WIP are increasingly dismayed that the Two Trees’ plan fails to properly consider the impact of extreme density or consider any kind of alternative to enhance this historic industrial site. We have a greater Vision that would benefit the City and the community.

Time & Location:  Thursday, May 30 @ 9PM

Location: The East façade of The Domino Sugar Factory on Kent Avenue between South 2nd St and South 3rd St in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Background: Williamsburg Independent People ( WIP ) a group of community members who are presenting a light show protest by the Illuminator. The Illuminators mission is to smash the myths of the information industry and shine a light on the urgent issues of out time.

Action: The Illuminator art collective disrupts the patterns of everyday life, and embodies the social and political transformations for which the occupy movement/99% movement continues to fight.

Our Demands: WIP intends to offer a community buy-out of the site.

The Illuminators made a quick stop by Cooper Union, last month, to support students who were occupying the college president’s office! The protesting students belief is that in saving a tuition-free Cooper, they’re saving an idea about what education should be in America, and who it should be available to—everyone.

Blue Monday: CitiBikes, Satan’s Map, and NYC Websites that Don’t Work

citi bike dept of transportation map

Photo Courtesy of NY Magazine

Gothamist takes a swing at the NY Post’s floridly hyper-active coverage of last week’s CitiBike/Greenwich Village kerfuffle, in which an EMS crew was forced to negotiate a 39-space bike kiosk when called to the rescue of a 92-year-old resident of E. 13th Street, with this juicy bit: “Though the Post is congratulating itself for its victory over Satan CitiBike…”

Hahaha, Satan. So, there’s that. Even closer to home is BlackHatGate in South Williamsburg.

As of this writing, the joint effort of Citi and tech superstar Emperor Penguin Michael Bloomberg has provided a slick blue website which does not sport a working interactive map. An interactive map or two, yes. An interactive map that works, no. You can, however, try to download the app.

The NYC Open Data Tumblr leads to an interactive map that will help you to plan your trip “from one station to another.” Frankly, I could have biked across the Williamsburg Bridge faster than that map will load (Mac/Chrome), so, score another point for NYC Big Tech.

Well, one way or another, it’s here, and so, without further ado, we present Satan’s Big Bike Station Map to Everywhere (except Satmar Williamsburg). Click and enjoy—this one works!

The WG News welcomes you to share your opinion in the comments section.

CitiBike NYC Opens Memorial Day 2013

citi bike nyc

From ABC News: “New York City’s long-awaited and much-hyped bicycle-sharing program is finally set to begin.”

“Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan will christen the beginning of bike-sharing at a docking station near the Brooklyn Bridge Monday morning. The privately funded Citi Bike bike-share program will launch with 6,000 bikes at 330 docking stations in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. Officials hope to expand to 10,000 bikes and 600 docking stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.”

The “privately funded” bit is fairly easy to decipher when one takes a gander at the logo, prominently featured (natch) on the CitiBike website. Yep, CitiBank is the sponsor, and everything is blue.

Go read all about it, become a member, activate your key, and put your name on one of those 6,000 bikes. Get some exercise, see the city, and take back some of those late fees you’ve paid to Citi (and the city) over the years.

Be wary. The terms of service are about as transparent terrifying as the ones you religiously scour routinely ignore on the bottom 15th page of your monthly Citi credit card statement.

Happy Memorial Day, everybody. Be careful out there.

Grab Your Baby, Grab Your Mermaid, and MARCH! It’s the Williamsburg Mini-Mermaid Parade on June 8.

mini mermaid march mini jake

Join us for some fin-flapping fun at the Mini Mermaid March on Saturday June 8th. The day will start at 11 am over at Mini Jake (178 North 9th Street) with our favorite author/illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg reading her terrific tale ‘Mermaids on Parade’.

After a little fish cake lunch break we will meet up around 2 pm over at Mini Jake and get ready for the big parade! Bring your costumes, wigs, make up, sparkly stuff, pets. Everything you can wrap your gils on to get you ready for the fin-tabulous march! At 3pm we will begin the march down the center of Bedford Ave in all of our seaside glory. Can’t wait to swim up Bedford Avenue with you!

Mini Mermaid March
Saturday, June 8th
11am – storytime with Melanie Hope Greenberg reading her book Mermaids on Parade
2pm – meet at Mini Jake to get your fins in order
3pm – march down Bedford Ave

L Train Closed Memorial Day Weekend 2013 – So Stay Home and Listen to Woody Guthrie!

l train williamsburg brooklyn service repair closed

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everybody! Make it a G train weekend, because the L is not running.

Woody Guthrie on the NYC Subway, for a Life Magazine project, 1943

According to the MTA’s Weekender you’ll spend it anywhere but on the L train between Lorimer Street in Brooklyn and 8th Avenue in Manhattan.

The shutdown starts tonight, Friday, May 24, and continues through Memorial Day. Service is scheduled to resume Tuesday, May 28, at 5 a.m.

Meanwhile, listen to native Oklahoman Woody Guthrie, remember our countrymen in Moore, Oklahoma, and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!



Container Gardening in North Brooklyn—from the series by Kimberly Sevilla of Red Rose & Lavender

brooklyn container gardening sevilla red rose lavender

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on May 13, 2010. We’re re-publishing articles in this series so that we can share the wonderful Kimberly Sevilla’s knowledge and experience with you, because, hey, it’s spring! Again!

Photo by Jessi Bautista

By Kimberly Sevilla of Red Rose & Lavender Floral Design Studio and Organic Garden Center

Q: I’d like to create a garden, and I have a small balcony, what can I grow?

There are lots of things that you may grow on a balcony, you just have to consider what your goals are. You can grow everything from flowers and herbs to vegetables and fruits. Throughout the ages, container gardening has been extremely popular and a convenient way for urban dwellers to grow delicacies on small patios and balconies.

Fortunately for us, there are lots of fruits and vegetables that have been specifically bred to grow in small spaces and lots of containers available for us to use.  More > >