Better Know a Blogger: Steven P. Harrington of Brooklyn Street Art

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(From Société Perrier 5/10/13, by Jim Allen)

As the editor in chief of Brooklyn Street Art, Steven P. Harrington has a tricky task: trying to document for posterity an art form that’s transitory by nature. The undaunted Harrington, who runs the blog with editor of photography Jaime Rojo, says, “At this moment in history, everything feels transitory. What better art form to be paying attention to right now than the one that knows how to celebrate the moment?” Covering street art not only from New York but a broad range of other sources as well, the blog has earned quite a rep; it’s been included in a number of books, and Harrington and Rojo have been contributing extensively to The Huffington Post. How do they keep on top of it all? Harrington offers, “BSA publishes every day and we stay quick on our feet and keep an ear to the ground. It’s an ongoing conversation.”  (For full story, click here.)