Blue Monday: CitiBikes, Satan’s Map, and NYC Websites that Don’t Work

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Photo Courtesy of NY Magazine

Gothamist takes a swing at the NY Post’s floridly hyper-active coverage of last week’s CitiBike/Greenwich Village kerfuffle, in which an EMS crew was forced to negotiate a 39-space bike kiosk when called to the rescue of a 92-year-old resident of E. 13th Street, with this juicy bit: “Though the Post is congratulating itself for its victory over Satan CitiBike…”

CitiBike South Williamsburg New York Daily NewsHahaha, Satan. So, there’s that. Even closer to home is BlackHatGate in South Williamsburg.

As of this writing, the joint effort of Citi and tech superstar Emperor Penguin Michael Bloomberg has provided a slick blue website which does not sport a working interactive map. An interactive map or two, yes. An interactive map that works, no. You can, however, try to download the app.

The NYC Open Data Tumblr leads to an interactive map that will help you to plan your trip “from one station to another.” Frankly, I could have biked across the Williamsburg Bridge faster than that map will load (Mac/Chrome), so, score another point for NYC Big Tech.

Well, one way or another, it’s here, and so, without further ado, we present Satan’s Big Bike Station Map to Everywhere (except Satmar Williamsburg). Click and enjoy—this one works!

citi bike dept of transportation map

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