The Crest Hardware Art Show and CrestFest, Only 10 Days to Go!

crest fest and crest hardware art show 2013
WOOT! Just like the poster says, folks—bands, food, dancing, stuff for the kids, crafts, stuff for sale, and, of course, art! And it’s FREE! This festival supports the Crest Hardware Art Show, and it’s always jam-packed with fun people and fun everything! Mark your calendar, or write it on your hand. Do NOT miss this!

Your local hardware store could also be the next “It” neighborhood gallery if they take Joe Franquinha’s lead.

A few years ago when we started telling you about this art show in a Brooklyn hardware store, people questioned BSA’s sanity and it’s relevance to the street. Even now, there are some street artists who have not exhibited in this show, but that list will be trimming down to zero in the next few years. That’s because of two things – one is that Joe Franquinha and his family re-imagined their store at the same time that artists began to re-imagine the surrounding neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick.

The other is that the existing gallery system needs to change and Street Artists (and others) have been exploring every other alternative to it for the last decade. The only ivy covered walls that should be relevant to this creative spirit are in the garden section behind the store. – dig2109c