Cows at Art 101 Gallery / Closing Weekend

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How often does one rub shoulders with a herd of cows? 43 artists have participated in this bovine-themed exhibition. The mediums in which the artists work are all over the range, from line drawings, to photographs to metal sculptures, to acrylic and oil paintings. “Cows” is a show where one feels happy to roam and more…

Trent’s Top Williamsburg Brooklyn Gallery Picks—June 2013

Chris Martin, “Untitled,” 2013, printed vinyl, 122 1/2 x 190 in. Courtesy the Journal Gallery.

Titularly yet tentatively, this three-person exhibition is about psychedelic mushrooms, but only one piece depicts toadstools. That work is Chris Martin’s “Untitled” (2013), a freestanding vinyl screen, more than 15 feet wide and 10 feet tall, portraying a woman foraging in the woods.