Chances with Wolves at The Newsstand at Metropolitan Stop

Chances with Wolves (East Village DJs Kenan, Kray and Mikey Palms) will spin live tonight (Thursday, July 18) at 7pm at The Newsstand located in the Metropolitan Ave subway stop. So if you find yourself making the slog home on the L or the G tonight, you’re in luck.

chances with wolves EVR

Photo courtesy 01 // Magazine, Click to read their awesome article about CWW.

“[Their] weekly show occupies no specific time, genre, or marketed image. Their carefully chosen selection of rare music ranges from old soul, 90s hip hop, 50s throwback, to things you can’t categorize, introducing and re-introducing artists and songs to their large underground following.”—Jennilee Marigomen, 01 // Magazine

Listen to their show Mondays from 4-6 pm on East Village Radio, check out their archive here.