Find a Cooling Center—& Your ‘Be Cool’ Suggestions

NYC Office of Emergency Management

Courtesy NYC Office of Emergency Management


It’s a hot one today, in the mid 90s, with a heat index that is making it feel like 97.

Find a cooling center near you.

7 Places to Cool Off in Brooklyn during Extreme Heat Waves—Air Conditioned Spots Where to Cool Off and Beat the Heat in Brooklyn.

Tips on how to stay cool.

Have any “stay cool” tips, or local “coolest” locations, please comment, below.



  1. WG News + Arts says

    A friend, Mike, had a plastic bag filled with ice that he slung over his shoulder so it would fall against his back, and offered it to me, and it did work to feel cooler. It’s a cooling method practiced by many laborers in South America.

  2. Kelley Shields says

    We soak cotton hand towels often found in 99 cent stores (the flat cotton weave, not terry) and then put them in the freezer. When we go outside on a hot day we take one out, bend it to fit around our necks and as if melts you can then tie the ends around your neck to stay in place. They feel great!

  3. Rebecca White says

    I am a big fan of 60 seconds under the cold shower a few times per day.

    Also, your neighborhood cafe or pub may have some really great air conditioning but one must remember to drink extra water when drinking coffee or alcohol in a heat wave because while iced coffee or an icy cold brew are delicious and refreshing, they are also dehydrating.

  4. Rebecca White says

    Addendum: if your shower is on the dirtier side of clean, scrub it while IN the shower with the water icy cold. You would have used that water to clean it anyway so you might as well cool yourself in the process AND you get a nice clean shower. Win-Win!