Tomatoes & Trains, End of Summer in Brooklyn

Gothamist: “There will be no G train service between Court Square and Nassau Avenue all weekend. Jamaica Center-bound J trains will be running express from Myrtle Avenue to Broadway Junction on Saturday until 10 p.m. on Sunday. There will be no M service at all this weekend, and the L train will not run between 8th Avenue and 14th Street-Union Square.” See the rest of the transportation carnage beautifully detailed by the indefatigable Gothamist here.
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Look at the subway without actually being on it with this great FreeWilliamsburg post: “Subway PSAs from the 40s and 70s & Kubrick’s Vintage Subway Photo.”

down to earth farmers market mcgolrick park greenpointIT’S TOMATO TIME! Don’t blink or you’ll miss one of the most satisfying aspects of living in the Great North East—August is the juicy height of tomato season in our neck of the bricks. Bonus, on Sunday, you can snap ‘em up at  The McGolrick Park Down To Earth Farmers Market. Extra added flavor: The Annual Tomato Tasting from 11-1pm. Just stop by the Market Manager’s tent and get down to business. Free.

Market open Sundays, 11am – 4pm
Russell St off Nassau Ave — sidewalk outside park.