Memorial for Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw

A celebration memorial will be held at Jungle Design, next Sunday, for Hannah Shaw, the young fashion designer who tragically fell to her death after attempting to scale a building wall to enter her boyfriend’s apartment, through a window. She was a manager at the landscape and gardening business, Jungle Design.  More > >

Bodega Power: A Family on a Roll with Everything

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.53.40 PM

Three generations of family, cousins and long-time family friends work at the Rodriguez Grocery.
Pictured (L to R) Junior, Manny, Jose, Joel, and Wallin Rodriguez. Photos by Max Dworkin

By Natalie Rinn

Last summer, a long article in the Times called “The Williamsburg Divide” got a lot of people talking. Here was the long and short of it: Grand Street represents a border between “sleek, moneyed, ‘North Williamsburg’ and a gritty, hyper-authentic ‘South Williamsburg.’” The delivery might have grated but the message wasn’t wrong. And, if one address on the Grand Street divide embodies the more down-to-earth half of the neighborhood, it is likely Rodriguez Grocery and Deli, on the corner of Berry and Grand.  More > >

Fortunato Brothers Cafe & Pasticceria Easter Sunday Raffle Giveaway

fortunato easter

The world famous Italian bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Fortunato Brothers Cafe & Pasticceria, invites the community to participate in their upcoming Easter Sunday raffle featuring some sweet prizes including a couple of plane tickets to Florida, a super-size chocolate egg (20 lbs), and a $100 gift certificate to the bakery.  More > >