Peg Simone, Sorceress of the Slide Guitar at LIC Bar, 8/27

“A lot of new music boasts of a good time, but it ends up being the same caffeinated sugar water in a fancy plastic bottle, completely lacking in nutrients, life, and anything that’s good for you. Peg Simone’s new music begins from pure places like poetry, the spoken word, the human breath, feedback, the mystical side of folk and blues, and the effect is icy water coming off the mountain, tasting of soil, rock and organic matter; you want to drink it and let it drip down your neck.” –Black Francis

brooklyn bambini boxed figurine bronze

Brooklyn Bambini Brings a Labor of Love to Rattled Baby Expo

The first ever Rattled Expo takes place tomorrow at the Warsaw in (where else?) Greepoint. What is it? It’s a unique event for young, urban families; according to Rattled co-founder Tara Arjona, Rattled’s targeted market is people who “… love locally-made, and handmade goods. They’re not into mainstream products and services.”

Products for sale will include handcrafted bronze and silver baby figurines made by Williamsburg sculptor Brian Sullivan. He’s been making the pieces for more than two decades and co-owns Brooklyn Bambini with his wife, Kelley Shields.