Still from "Corridas de Alegría" (1982)

Controversy Follows Him, Filmmaker and Gambling Man—Gonzalo García-Pelayo

Film festivals all over the world suddenly want to show his films, the prestigious national and international publications are reaching out to him for interviews. He’s happy as a child, currently working on the editing of Niñas (“Little Girls”). Niñas is all about the feminine,” he said to me at an interview at his home in Madrid, where he and his wife Carmen welcomed me as a friend.

shot of robert de niro from taxi driver

BOOKS ON FILM Robert De Niro: Anatomy of an Actor with Author Glenn Kenny

In recognition of De Niro’s long and illustrious career, Cahiers du Cinema is releasing a study of De Niro’s most iconic roles as part of its innovative Anatomy of an Actor series, written by film-critic Glenn Kenny. On Thursday, July 31st Mr. Kenny will join us at Videology to present and discuss clips from each of these roles. Mr. Kenny’s multimedia presentation will be followed by a Q&A and book signing.