Photo by Yaz Rosete for Bushwick Daily.

Bushwick Sunday Bar Curfew?

Sunday-night noise complaints have supposedly gotten so bad in Bushwick that the neighborhood’s community board is advocating a midnight bar curfew on Sunday nights. Bushwick, the nabe the Daily News has dubbed “the world’s indisputable epicenter of cool,” is adding around a dozen bars every six months.

CB #1 Calls for Police at Stalled Construction Sites

CB #1’s Chairman Christopher Olechowski announced that the Board is requesting various NYC agencies to monitor the numerous stalled construction sites in the district. District Manager Mr. Esposito said “According to a list received from the Department of Buildings we currently have 109 sites that are stalled in their construction.” He is requesting that the City’s  More > >

Accident Update

ABC 7 reports that the woman struck by a stolen car on Manhattan Avenue today has died, and that the suspect is in custody with a broken toe.

Tragic, Possibly Fatal, Accident in Greenpoint

From Greenpointers, this photo and a report that earlier this afternoon, the driver of a stolen car hit a young woman on Manhattan Avenue, between India and Huron.  The Greenpoint Gazette reports that it received an e-mail tip earlier in the day of a shoot-out on Nassau Avenue.  Unclear for now how the two are related,  More > >