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Emergency Exit: 5 Things You Should Know If You Need An Ambulance

There are 410 ambulances stationed strategically throughout NYC, nine in Greenpoint and Williamsburg that can reach you in about six minutes. Although an accident might knock your body for a loop, you have more control over your fate than you think. Here are some ways to make the best of a bad situation.

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Goodbye La Villita Bakery

The familiar sight of the styrofoam cakes, and the bright orange building at the corner of Grand Street and Bedford Avenue was a reliable landmark in the neighborhood. It was a place one could still buy a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich for $2.50.

Javan Joel founder of LifeGunk has 16,000 members on his social networking site, so far. Photo by Eddy Vallante

Life is Messy—LifeGunk.com—A New Social Network, Straightens It Out

“When you’re on Facebook, you’re mostly bored and just passively reading status updates. You’re not really doing anything productive. With LifeGunk, you log on to be productive, to share your progress, to see how your friends and family are progressing and help them to be productive. It’s meant to help you connect with others and get involved in each others’ lives on a deeper level.”

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What About Gifting Vintage?

You may hunt for that incredible collectible piece they’ve been wanting, or didn’t know existed (a 1990 deluxe makeup box by Versace, a Victorian braided hair necklace, a Ciciolina 1980s Playboy magazine, a deck of velour-coated playing cards, a taxidermied porcupine, an album of Maria Callas recorded live, or an exquisite cigarette holder with a lighter from the ‘60s, to name just a few).

OP/ED New York Dems Need to Right the Ship

By Phil DePaolo Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez accused of sexual harassment On August 24 the New York State Assembly Committee on Ethics and Guidance announced that Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the powerful Brooklyn Democratic boss, had been removed as chairman of the Housing Committee in the Assembly, stripped of his seniority and forced to undergo sexual  More > >