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Huge Sale at Rose Red & Lavender

Our friends at Rose Red & Lavender have redone their shop, and just let us know that they’re having a big sale. We want to share it with you because it’s a gorgeous shop, and because it’s a super-sale!

courtesy Community Farmers Market

Community Markets, a Growing Trend

This year, Community Farmers Markets has opened two new green markets in the nabe, one on the south side of picturesque McGolrick Park (Russell St.) in Greenpoint and another at the spunky Cooper Park (Maspeth Ave.) in East Williamsburg. There, you’ll find an array of farm produce along with enough artisanal food to make your weekend just that much more yummy.

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Time to Hit the Dirt: Starting from Seed

By Kimberly Sevilla
Owner, Rose Red & Lavender

I love seeds. I like looking at the catalogs, reading the descriptions, trying the varieties, saving them, collecting them, and trading them. I enjoy talking to seed growers and sellers and getting all nerdy about the different cultivators and reminiscing.

Urban Rooftop Farms, Hens & Bees

By Kimberly Sevilla Owner of Rose Red & Lavender, and life-long gardener I remember my first “rooftop garden,” in a walk-up on Avenue D in Manhattan. I attempted to grow some tomatoes in five gallon buckets, nothing fancy, and certainly not pretty. I quickly discovered that on hot summer days tomatoes drink a lot of  More > >

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Combo Plate of Consciousness and Activism

If all New Yorkers in aggregate composted all their biodegradable table scraps, we’d reduce waste by a baseball stadium-sized amount each day. That many less trucks running through our neigh­borhood, that much less gasoline burned, that much less pollution… Let North Brooklyn lead the way.

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Urban Gardening: Tomatoes Abound!

Yep, it’s been a bumper year for tomatoes, and anyone lucky enough to have grown their own, no doubt have plenty, but for everyone else, the Farmers Market is the next best thing. What do you do with all those tomatoes? Can them!