Marisa Sullivan in performance with a yoni yantra in background (female sexual organ and geometrical portrayal of energy).  Photo by Catherine Fagen

Yoga and the Pelvic Floor

There are a bunch of muscles [in the pelvic floor] and some have big complicated names, but there are a few simple images that open many doors to understanding.

Mark Managan, founder of the popular culture website Flavorpill. Photo by Mike Mabes

Taste-Maker Mark Mangan on the Relaunch of Flavorpill

This was 1999, the end of an era, and, as Mark put it, “the nuclear winter of the first .com meltdown. We couldn’t raise any more money, we were a couple months behind rent, just looking down the abyss… I just grabbed anyone who was left, pulled them into a corner and asked them if we were to reinvent, what would we reinvent as?”

Screen Shot 2012-03-20 at 10.17.11 AM

Alex Melamid, Artist Healer-in-Residence

Melamid split from Komar in 2004. At 66 years old, his work leans so far to the edge of irony that it makes Duchamp look conservative. These days, Melamid is concerned with reaching a greater public beyond the walls of museums…

Ali and Ari Zablozki, owners of Zablozki's Bar, and their dog Millie. Photo by Ashley Corbin-Teich

Zablozki’s—A Classic Bar in the Making

Before the flood, Williamsburg had a small town feel, and only a few bars provided for the locals: Sweetwater, Rosemary’s, Union Pool, Teddy’s, Brooklyn Ale House, Red and Black… just a smattering of watering holes compared to the swampland we know today.


43 Magazine Launches—Interview with Allen Ying

Allen Ying, admired in skateboarder circles for his gravity-defying shots of skaters flying through the air, celebrated the results of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign this past August, earning more than the goal of $20,000. This means a green light for his brainchild 43 magazine…

Kelley Shields with Otto, a toy Australian Shepherd in her Greenpoint home which she shares with husband, artist Brian Sullivan and daughters Soaerse and Ita. Photo by Benjamin Lozovsky

On the Fringe and On the Runway

Yes, however, the minimalism I see now is not quite as austere or stark as when it first re-presented itself a few runways ago. An over-simplified definition of minimalism in apparel would be that there is not a lot of embellishment, and in the case of the collections underway at the moment