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Dick Doblin: Privateye—a new web series

Web series are a dime a dozen. Every flunky with an idea, an iPhone or digital camera now feels they’re qualified to shoot a web series. “Technical prowess and the syntax of English be damned,” they scream as they upload their dreck to the web. With powerful distribution tools like YouTube and Vimeo making it easy to reach an audience…God, help us.

williamsburg greenpoint baby caribou

More Kids In The Hood

Williamsburg/Greenpoint’s population has continued to spawn. As the babies boom, so do the cool places to take the kids

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Baby Rave–Parents Welcome

Tickets are available now for pre-purchase online: $15/per person ($25 at the door) $25/per family ($40 at the door) $45/VIP tickets per person ($60 at the door if available) *VIP includes express entrance + reserved seating at all talks + goodie bag + special raffle prize drawings

Designer Mary Meyer (middle) with associates Emma Kadar-Penner (left) manager of Friends Vintage (MM), and Stephanie Levy, MM photo manager, in Bushwick. Photo by Colby Blount (

Mary Meyer Clothing

A small factory soon sprouted in her living room, and Meyer began to create custom dresses and shirts for friends. The Northern California native founded her company, Mary Meyer Clothing (, in 2005 before migrating East one year later.

Yuzu Lemonade, Cinnamon Plum, Ginger Bomb, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Honey Bourbon Pu-erh (no honey or bourbon added), Silver Needle Jasmine, and Golden Needle are among the kombucha drink flavors Casper produces. Pictured here, are Peach, Super Green, and Oolong kombucha. Photo courtesy of Brett Casper

Kombucha Come Home: A different kind of brew

“If I get bloated after a heavy meal, I’ll drink kombucha and instantly feel better,” says Casper. “It’s also a great hangover cure!” Others claim it boosts immunity and can even help fight cancer, though all health benefits have yet to be scientifically proven.

Landhaus Bacon    Photos Benjamin Lozovsky

Recipe—Landhaus Bacon

Once the bacon is roasted it can be browned and used anywhere you would like thick delicious chunks of tender bacon: sandwiches, scrambled eggs, clam chowder, on macaroni and cheese—the sky is the limit.