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Who knew low-income wage earners are subsidizing the developers?

As I predicted, CPC Resources, the original developer for the Domino Sugar Refinery, flipped the property to a new developer, Two Trees Management, for a huge $120 million profit. So there’s a new plan afoot for the refinery, one the new developer has made even larger than CPC Resources’ massive plan…

OP/ED New York Dems Need to Right the Ship

By Phil DePaolo Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez accused of sexual harassment On August 24 the New York State Assembly Committee on Ethics and Guidance announced that Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the powerful Brooklyn Democratic boss, had been removed as chairman of the Housing Committee in the Assembly, stripped of his seniority and forced to undergo sexual  More > >

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OP-ED What Charter Schools Were Meant to Be

At a recent hearing, hundreds of local residents came out to oppose the opening of the Success Academy charter school. It’s been documented that Moskowitz bussed in hundreds of Harlem residents to give the appearance of community support.