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Who knew low-income wage earners are subsidizing the developers?

As I predicted, CPC Resources, the original developer for the Domino Sugar Refinery, flipped the property to a new developer, Two Trees Management, for a huge $120 million profit. So there’s a new plan afoot for the refinery, one the new developer has made even larger than CPC Resources’ massive plan…

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We’re All Hipsters

It’s almost as if today’s college educated youth can’t do anything right. If they pursue an MBA or JD they’re accused of becoming greedy materialists. If they pursue work in a community arts center they are labeled unambitious and a drain on society.

Real Estate Rich Cash Poor

OP/ED Property Rich and Under-Served

By Albert Goldson Our favorite 21st-century bad guys—banks and hedge funds—are aggressively entering the real-estate market nationwide, buying pools of foreclosed properties from Fannie Mae and selling them to developers at a profit, according to a March 19 Wall Street Journal article. The developers then convert these former condo properties into rentals and reap a  More > >