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Ralph Baker, Ahead of the Curve, But Out of the Money

Ralph has put four years of thought into this. He’s roamed the empty corridors of the warehouses, looked across the bay. Found the pastoral in a garbage heap. I’m sure that Ralph has a better grasp of the land’s potential than anyone else. Mr. Bailey, that Dutch bank, City Planners, if you’re reading this, I’m giving you the tip of a life-time—free of charge.

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Dangling Carrot for Illustration Purposes @ Domino Hearing

The Domino project’s Uniform Land Review Process kicked off. Last night, to demonstrate the project’s perceived lack of substance, a community member walked up to the mic at PS 84 carrying a large carrot littered with buzzwords (affordable housing, jobs, vibrant, amenity) frequently used by Two Trees, the site’s developer.