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Alex Melamid, Artist Healer-in-Residence

Melamid split from Komar in 2004. At 66 years old, his work leans so far to the edge of irony that it makes Duchamp look conservative. These days, Melamid is concerned with reaching a greater public beyond the walls of museums…

Sunday Story –The Art of Losing a Vespa

My Brooklyn Dharma Bummer By Laurel Casey His beloved Vespa motor scooter had been stolen. We were staying a night in Northern Westchester County with a friend. I noticed it missing, early morning, when I let the dog out. I went back to the bedroom. “Dharma, Are you awake? Your bike isn’t out back.” “I  More > >

Passing By, Passing Over

I first entered the Greenpoint Shul of Congregation Ahavas Israel last year, when the shul’s president plucked me off of Franklin Street on my way to buy coffee. The congregation was struggling to make a minyan — the ten-man quorum needed to hold a service, and I was enlisted as Congregant #10.   On Thursday, I went  More > >